An All-Access Jay Z Tour Pass, A Fake Italian Name, and an Arrest at the Jay Z Show

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Something clearly didn't quite wash with this Gian Carlo Donatelli guy. Here he was, inside a event-level area at the American Airlines Center, almost half an hour before the doors would open for the rest of Jay Z's ticket-holding fans Saturday night.

He flashed a Magna Carter All-Access World Tour pass and said he was director of A/R with Universal Music Group Italy. He'd been with the record label for 20 years, he told security. But nobody could figure out how he got in. He said he'd signed in with some "unknown" security guard, the police report says. Donatelli passed security another credential printed with "Genelec Auto Sales," which a cursory Google search indicates is a new and used car dealership in DeSoto.

The security folks smelled a counterfeit and called the cops. Donatelli told them Genelec was just an advertiser. He was a label exec with every right to be there.

The ruse fell apart when the a police officer demanded an actual ID. His Texas driver's license proved he wasn't Gian Carlo Donatelli after all. He was just plain old John Henry Johnson, 45, who was booked without incident into Lew Sterrett on suspicion of misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

He apparently missed one helluva show.

H/T The Smoking Gun

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ChrisYu topcommenter

Desoto is an Italian village located in the province of Ferrara. the locals have a very distinct squint.


Anotha brotha bites the dust! lol

ruddski topcommenter

Back in the old days, I never sat in the audience, always got backstage with either just my Nikon, or a legit pass, or a counterfeit. Ever see the movie Almost Famous?

Of course, that was the age of innocence, now Justin bieber will Kung-fu your ass for even being in the same airport as he.


@ruddski Yep, the Age of Innocence, when Hell's Angels acting as event security might just stab you for pissing them off.


Hey it's Cogito Ergo Dumb!

If you knew anything about that incident instead of being a typical naive uninformed libtard, then you would know that the Hells Angels most likely saved Mick Jagger from being shot by Meredith Hunter.

Learn about the actual facts of what the fuck you are commenting on instead of your hazy libtard fairy-tale "narratives".


Just one question: does your misguided rage keep you warm at night?

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