TSA Worker at DFW Airport Pleads Guilty to Stealing Passenger's Cash

It's not like anyone needs another reason to hate the Transportation Security Administration, whose groping and overly revealing body scans have made air travel only slightly less unpleasant than riding Greyhound. Yet the agents at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport seem keen on providing more of them.

Last month, it was the arrest of almost two dozen agents who were engaged in a hard-to-explain but apparently lucrative scheme involving stolen parking placards. This month, it's a TSA agent who just straight-up took a passenger's money.

The agent, Markeia Mimms, pleaded guilty Monday to stealing $700 cash.

Federal court documents don't say exactly how she stole the cash, only that "it had only come into her possession and under her control by virtue of her authority as a TSA Officer with the expectation that it would be returned."

So, maybe she came upon while searching someone's bag. Maybe it came up during a cavity search. Either way, she wasn't supposed to take it.

Mimms now faces up to a year in prison.

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Today, yet another TSA worker was arrested for a serious crime, this time another one for murder. (TSA employee Michael A. Luedecke, charged in father’s shooting death. Reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, November 19, 2013.)

This is the second one arrested for murder in as many years. There have been 129 TSA workers arrested in the last three years including 21 arrested for sex crimes including 16 involving children, over 34 for theft, 12 for smuggling contraband through security and two for murder. In that same period 9,600 were fired or disciplined for misconduct at work.

What is even scarier than rampant TSA crime in our airports is that Americans have become so stupid to actually accept that this hocus pocus is legitimate and that it is okay for some government mall cop to take nude pictures of their kids and feel them up in public.

TSA is a just a jobs program for criminals, pedophiles and perverts and needs to be replaced with local law enforcement already policing the airports.


So a year in prison for taking somebody's $700.

Taking twenty-five years of somebody's life? Ten days in jail and no criminal record.


She be just be getting her raperashuns she be. You see it just be because she be not havin the same oppo tuna tees as the rest of us you see. So she just be helpin herself to some of whitey's money dat he owes her n shits.

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Only a year? Abuse of authority.... 1 year plus 5 yrs probation, plus restitution with interest.

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