Texas AG Candidate Barry Smitherman Can Shoot All the Guns

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One of the prerequisites for holding statewide office in Texas nowadays is the gun-toting photo op. Governor Rick Perry's done plenty. So has Attorney General Greg Abbott and Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is the rare exception -- just more proof that he can't be trusted.

Attorney general hopeful Barry Smitherman outdoes them all in his new campaign ad, which features gratuitous shots of the Railroad Commission chairman pledging to vigorously defend the Second Amendment while lovingly cradling and firing a hunting rifle, an assault rifle and a handgun. The ad unfortunately ends before Smitherman takes the rocket launcher for a spin.

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As a a gun rights supporter, I've learned to be wary of these ads showing the politician shooting some firearms. They often mean nothing. At least he included an actual accomplishment there. But, I'm also interested in his stances on other issues, such as:
Open Carry legalization
Cost for obtaining a CHL (Texas is one of the most expensive states in the USA)

As a libertarian, I find myself wondering about his stances on other issues:
Abortion (I'm betting he wants to out law it)
Protection of individual rights (like due process)

I would have to look up his stances on all of this. But, in the end I'm betting I won't vote for him.

Montemalone topcommenter

If he wants to prove his Bona Fides, he needs to go huntin' with Cheney.


That's not a "hunting rifle," that's a shotgun.  Thanks for playing.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter


I agree with you.

One thing that I think that the average person does not realize, but the politicians do, is that in order to be elected you do not have to have a majority of the the registered voters, but only a majority of those who vote.


@uppercasematt  Oh please, Village Voice media doesn't hire anyone who would know what guns are. I regularly read the Observer's sister papers and have seen instances in each one where they call something a 'hunting rifle' and it is obviousy a shotgun.

Also, a bad editing/continuity issue in the commercial: at 16 seconds in he is shouldering a semi-auto, then at 18 seconds he fires an over/under shotgun.

On another point; what was Smitherman shooting at (at 34 seconds) with the semi-auto shotgun that it took him three shots? Did he eventually hit it, or did he give up. 

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