Conspiracy Theorists Reach Uneasy Truce With Dallas City Hall on JFK Commemoration

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A week before the country pauses to remember the death of John F. Kennedy, conspiracy theorists and Dallas City Hall have agreed to a truce.

Under the agreement, members of the Coalition on Political Assassinations will occupy a parking lot on the southeast corner of Market and Main, where they will mark the fatal shot with a 12:30 p.m. moment of silence. They will repeat that ceremony two hours later in Dealey Plaza, once it has been vacated by David McCullough, the U.S. Naval Academy glee club, and the 5,000 civilian ticket holders.

In return, they promise not to do anything to upset the dignity of the official commemoration.

It's an uneasy detente. John Judge, COPA's executive director, says his group wanted to be in Dealey on the moment Kennedy was shot and was contemplating a lawsuit to make it so. The city, meanwhile, would be more comfortable with the conspiracy theorists permanently exiled to Siberia, out of view of the national and foreign press.

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But the peace seems likely to hold. Judge says COPA backed off its lawsuit threat when the city, after three years of stonewalling, finally agreed to a handful of minor concessions, like allowing them to distribute leaflets at designated points, hang banners, and be in Dealey Plaza wearing their specially designed 50th-anniversary T-shirts, featuring a Kennedy half-dollar with blood oozing from a bullet hole in Kennedy's head.

Two of Judge's demands the city declined to meet, refusing email ticketholders to alert them to COPA's 2:30 p.m. moment of silence or to announce the event on stage.

Judge has an explanation for why the city has worked so hard and so long to exclude him and his fellow conspiracy buffs, and it's hard to argue with: "Their whole purpose was PR ... They did not want our message visible."

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In the end, though, Judge says it was COPA that won the PR battle with sympathetic pieces from the Wall Street Journal, Texas Monthly, the National Journal and others.

"Back when the Wall Street Journal piece came out -- he's an ad man, Rawlings -- he knew he had to deal with it."

So Judge will be there on Friday with his fellow conspiracy buffs, all wearing their special yellow T-shirts, a silent rebuke to the exercise in collective amnesia taking place two blocks away.

"They want to say Dallas loved Kennedy," Judge says. "How can you love Kennedy if you won't solve his murder?"

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If you are curious at all about the murder in Dallas I would recommend "The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War" by Peter Dale's a page turner!


What I love about the conspiracy nut cases is that none of them can agree on what really happened.  They can't ALL be right, but they CAN all be wrong!


As if the conspiracy whores have been kept quiet since the day President Kennedy was assassinated.  It's because of the conspiracy whores that the Kennedy assassination has reached the point it is at now. These people have had more attention given to them than any other naysayer in American history!  John Judge and the whole COPA organization nothing but a bunch of leftist idiots running around bringing America down.  It's time that they were exposed for what they are.


This was pretty awesome of COPA. No, it wasn't a complete victory. Still, they got some concessions and won the PR battle. Judge is right on the money; this city wanted to shut them out, but when other papers got wind of their plight, it forced Rawlings to throw them more than a bone under the table. 

The morons who label conspiracy theorists as believers in "space aliens" must have a nice life. They don't have to worry about what's really going on or how LBJ dove this country into a Vietnam bloodbath after Kennedy was taken out. I know why they deny the conspiracy; it's so they can stay in fairy land where, where they think this country is still a representative democracy. The truth is far more horrifying.


...and presto change-o, LBJ was president.

By the way, congratulations, conspiracy theorists.  Thumbs up.

James080 topcommenter

It was Professor Plum, in the library, with a candle stick. 


Everyone knows J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed into ordering a hit because the Mob had photos of him in bed with his male lover.The Mob then does the Mob thing of hiring a trusted servant to kill the trigger man.Pretty simple.Why is there still a debate?;-)


@txpatriot I know. The conspiracy nut cases thought the American public would believe a Magic DIsney Bullet that is more outrageous than bullets in cartoons. But the Warren Commission had no choice; Dulles said people won't read the report and 26 volumes. He was correct as far as nit-wits like you.

scottindallas topcommenter

@snl141955 how does their free expression hurt America?  I dare say that freedom of expression is the strength of this country


@dallasmedia Depending on what year the poll was taken, the numbers have been consistent -- between 75-89 percent of Americans have over the decades rejected the Warren Commission's fairy tale of one man firing a Magic Bullet from one window.

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