Seven Armed Robbers Stormed an Irving Jewelry Store on Sunday (Video)

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In the real world, jewelry store heists don't typically play out like they do in Hollywood. Sunday morning's holdup of a jewelry store in Irving was an exception.

Irving police have released surveillance footage of the robbery showing seven masked individuals, several carrying handguns, smashing through a locked a glass door and ransacking the place at about 11:30 a.m.. No word on the value of the merchandise they made off with, but they demolished 13 display cases, dumping the contents into large trash bags.

None of the employees in the store were hurt, though two had their hands bound during the robbery. The seven robbers fled in a stolen car that was later discovered unoccupied.

Irving PD didn't specify the jewelry store, saying only that it's located in the 8300 block of N. MacArthur Boulevard, which matches the location of Tilak Jewelers. According to its Facebook page, the store was closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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If these guys had played GTA V, they would have known that it's a lot easier to dress up like bugkillers and flood the store with sleeping gas before robbing it. SHEESH.

observist topcommenter

Heh, heh, heh...  .just wait until they find out the price of diamonds is arbitrarily set by DeBeers, and that no one actually buys used diamonds for anything approaching their "value".


Frequently heard phrase on the streets of the D/FW area, "Hey Mister, you wanta buy a watch"???


Celebrate the countless infinite rich vibrant amazing benefits of Divershitty™.

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