In Lieu of Child Support, Ex-DISD Cop Imported an Undocumented 15-Year-Old Nanny

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Favian LaTorre wasn't too keen on paying child support, so the Dallas ISD police sergeant made his former lover an offer. Instead of forking over a specified portion of his $46,000 salary every month, he would hire a full-time, live-in nanny to help raise their young child.

The child's mother, Gloria Palacios, agreed. She also agreed when LaTorre suggested as a candidate a 15-year-old girl, identified in federal court documents only as F.P., who had cared for the child during LaTorre's recent trip to El Salvador.

Palacios and LaTorre, now 57, began a campaign to convince F.P.'s parents to send her to the U.S. Eventually, they settled on a deal in which LaTorre and Palacios would hire a coyote to smuggle her from El Salvador to Houston, where she would be picked up by LaTorre.

The journey was a success, and F.P. found herself in Dallas from September 2008 to February 2009 caring for the child full-time. Less successful were LaTorre and Palacios' attempts to conceal from authorities the fact that F.P. was in the country illegally.

Both were arrested in December 2012 on charges of conspiring to harbor an alien. LaTorre pleaded guilty immediately. It took Palacios five months to do the same. Both were sentenced this month, Palacios to two years in prison, LaTorre to a year and a day. LaTorre was also forced to pay F.P. $10,493 in unpaid wages.

Palacios is not happy with the outcome. She has already filed a notice of appeal with the court.

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I can only assume that the got jail time b/c this amounts to trafficking a minor and/or that she was made to come against her will. 

Prison time for this is crazy....If you did investigation all over middle America you'd find this situation repeated in thousands of homes.  And BTW, it would probably be the people who scream border security the most who would end up hiring these women.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

It has gotten amazing as to the behavior exhibited by some members of these police departments.

I saw a car the other day with "POLICE" in what appeared to be in 3 foot tall letters, and in small letters at the bottom "Ft Bend ISD".

I hope that these departments realize that there officers have an obligation to respond when they observe a crime in progress, regardless of where they are.


Said 15 year old undocumented (illegal alien) immigrant will be eligible to vote in the US by the time she is of legal age.


At least there's nothing mentioned about any other services F.P. was required to perform.


what's a parent supposed to do?  good babysitters are hard to find these days.


@dallas_dude "And BTW, it would probably be the people who scream border security the most who would end up hiring these women."

Isn't make believe fun?

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