Prime Prep Academy's Co-Founder Resigned Today Under Pressure from Deion Sanders

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D.L. Wallace, speaking to prospective Prime Prep parents last year.
In last year's cover story on Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy, we described D.L. Wallace as little more than a snake-oil salesman. Last month, just before Sanders was briefly fired, he called his business partner a "snake."

Whatever the preferred moniker, the Prime Prep co-founder and CEO is gone. He handed in his resignation today, saying in a letter that he wants to "focus on spending more time with my family and in ministerial work."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my affiliation with Prime Prep Academy and will continue
to volunteer my services to the school in any way possible as my schedule permits," he writes. "However, with the increased desire to give more of myself to my family and the
DFW community in other ways (particularly through ministry), I think it is appropriate for me to take the final steps back to focus more of my attention on the same."

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Wallace doesn't say what prompted his "increased desire" to do God's work, but it probably has something to do with Sanders' sudden and intense interest in righting the ship at Prime Prep, which coincided with an embarrassing board meeting at which parents sounded off on the terrible education they were receiving.

The next day, WFAA's Brett Shipp reported that Sanders was orchestrating a coup, installing an anti-Wallace board member and urging parents to rise up against the school's management.

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Wallace and Prime Prep officials swallowed their rancor in today's announcement. Board chairman T. Chris Lewis praised Wallace for his "energy, intellect, and unique drive" and credited him with ensuring a "successful inaugural year."

"Successful" isn't the term most people outside of Prime Prep -- and an increasing number within -- would choose. Something more along the lines of "predictable failure," probably, but that wouldn't go far in soothing all the bruised egos.

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Where is the TEA?  Where is the SBOE?  Where is the Education Commissioner?  Is Chazma Jones (Wallace's wife) still there?  These 2 tightly controlled all of the finances at the school.  Will there be an immediate audit before D.L. Wallace  "gets away"?


If hi profile Deion had gone to 1 or 2 other well run charter schools prior to getting into something he knew nothing about - he and the school would be in a position to succeed. Not surprising that his school test results are horrid and among the worst out there! That is what you get when you have a sports school and try to teach classes there. Hopefully the TEA will open their eyes and quit funding losing propositions like Prime Toe!


'you can't fire me! I fired you!'


"Ministerial work" must be more profitable than the school.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


I'm guessing that the proportional poor publicity is far, far lower in the ministering business.

Everything is a trade off, I suppose.

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