Dallas Police Chief David Brown Is at the Center of the Worst Email Scam Ever

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Does not actually have two consignment boxes for you.
Even for the most financially and technologically challenged, receiving a personal email from Dallas Police Chief David Brown asking for cash sets off all sorts of alarm bells, alarm bells like He's not the NSA -- how did he get my email address? and Wouldn't it be easier to shake down criminals instead of sending random emails to strangers?

Transparent scam. Message deleted.

So some 419 scammers in Ghana posing as Chief Brown have cleverly crafted their email pitches to bypass such automatic scam defenses. It goes something like this:


This Information is reaching you from Dallas Police Department.,We have two consignment boxes on our custody from one Mr John Kone On your behalf together with your address as the owner of two boxes and we have told Mr John Kone to come up with the clearance fee within 48hrs or this two consignment will be return back to the sender in the next 72hrs.

Contact John Kone for your own good.

David O. Brown
Chief of Police

So masterfully subtle is the email that it provides no information on how to contact Mr. Kone. Nor does it explain what "consignment boxes" are. The erratic punctuation and poor grammar are no doubt meant to play on the common perception of the public school system in Dallas, of which Brown is a product.

Police are baffled. A DPD spokewoman offered that the scammers are hoping to steal financial information in a followup email. "To be honest with you, it's a very poorly done email," financial crimes detective Richard Santiesteban told The Dallas Morning News.

Nevertheless, DPD is warning Dallasites that Brown does not, in fact, have any consignment boxes and to ignore any emails suggesting he does.

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Want a bit of entertainment?  These guys scam the scammers!  This is better than 'hold my beer and watch this' videos on Youtube!



Will gladly pay a dollar on Tuesday to know the contents of the consignment boxes... 


...doesn't everybody get these types of emails???...


Celebrate the countless infinite amazing vibrant benefits of Divershitty™! Destroy whiteness! Forcibly smash "white privilege" in the head with a brick!


THE WHOLE city is coorupt apparently  the fact that they single handly tried to run uber out of town using the  under table pay method ..YELLOW CAB PAYING OFF an entire city including the new channels wow .is anyone surprised the same police dept payed to harrass cab drivers ?? are no in a new scandol..  yall some close minded okkkdockie  dalllas residents who elect the same scammer  on your city budget


just throw in yellow cab company and you got one big scammy bonanza. even the foriegner are jumping in on the fact that birds of a feather flock together  if yellow cab is the number one joke in dallas  then you can imagine where their supporter are listed

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Quickly! someone contact the FBI and get them to Dallas!

Oh . . . Nevermind.


A scam targeting gullible Americans, originating from Ghana now? Looks like Nigeria and the White House have some competition.


Old & busted: Godwinning the thread. New hotness: Obamming the thread.


 The erratic punctuation and poor grammar are no doubt meant to play on the common perception of the public school system in Dallas, of which Brown is a product.

They probably actually use such deliberate "mistakes" in order to help weed out people who are too smart too fall for their pitches.

holmantx topcommenter

The Ghanaians probably pinged off the Obamacare website, given the reported leaking sieve it is in.

Montemalone topcommenter



I'll bet that email account tracks back to JWP. He got bills to pay and the Feds done found the safe.


small price to pay for being naive I guess

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