Cynthia Dunbar: New Texas Science Text a Trojan Horse For Common Core, "Socialized Education"

Texas is one of a handful of states that hasn't adopted the coming Common Core curriculum standards, but former State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar nonetheless believes that the creep of "socialized education" is apparent in a new environmental science text.

In an innuendo-heavy segment that could be debunked with the most cursory Google search, she told Fox News' Steve Doocy the textbook approved by the SBOE may be evidence of publishers "gearing" their products toward Common Core, which hasn't been implemented yet. She pointed to the complaints of a petroleum geologist and Railroad Commission of Texas candidate Becky Berger, who submitted some vague, 11th-hour testimony about the "misleading" depictions of climate change, and an allegedly negative discussion of fracking. The publisher agreed to some very minor changes to mollify conservatives on the SBOE, but nothing as substantive as Berger claimed.

That her objections -- which she admitted were based on two-hours worth of research -- weren't implemented in full led Doocy and Dunbar to conclude that she was being persecuted for running as a Republican, somehow, before an SBOE that is controlled by Republicans.

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Public Education is a Socialist System and it used to work very well.

There are problems and improvements are needed, but we need educational experts on the SBOE, not religious wackos.


"Advisor to the Provost of Liberty University"

Liberty University is a Christian school.

It's not to say that teaching at/being involved in a Christian school makes you an idiot or wrong about various topics, but her Wiki page is damning. She wanted to remove Jefferson and Isaac Newton from textbooks? Let's think here. Why would she want to do that? Oh right, because they don't fall in line with her ideology.

Don't like the facts? Change or omit them.


The best method I have seen to defeat socialist indoctrination in K-12 education is charter schools supplemented with on-line curriculum choices monitored by the parents (if the kid-o's have parents, a lot of them don't these days). Just getting the little ones out of your local "ISD" meat grinder makes such a difference. CHEERS!

RTGolden1 topcommenter

".....nonetheless believes that the creep of "socialized education" is apparent in a new environmental science text."  I have to admit, I was thrown for a loop by this one.  Creep of socialized education?  What did she think the SBOE was overseeing?  Public education is socialized education. That's sort of the whole point of having public education, to attempt to ensure the general population attains a certain level of education (thus producing informed voters, etc etc.).  One may certainly argue whether or not schools are effective in attaining that goal, or whether there are attempts to tailor education to serve certain social or political agendas, but railing about 'the creep of socialized education' is an argument about 100 years too late.

I think her main problem is public education is creeping away from including her non-science preferences in a science text. 

Montemalone topcommenter

How is it that people who seem to have no education are in charge of education?


Unless she can run a football like Lance Dunbar, I don't have much use for this woman.


We know people entering teaching profession tend to score below average on SAT's - and it's not unusual for, say, an aspiring math teacher to flunk Community college math.

bvckvs topcommenter


She's not in charge of education.  She lost her job on the SBOE.  She's just another lound-mouth Republican heckler, desperately trying to continue to influence the board. 

The folks actually on the board tend to be quietly reasonable.  The problem they have to deal with is that they can't just approve the BEST book.  They have to approve one over which that the Republicans won't spend the next year hold book-burning parties.


@joedeshotel @Catbird money for public education doesn't belong to the "state", it is taken from the people through different ways like the trickery of the Texas Lottery and the unconstitutional tax on people's homes. Charters are the only means for lower income people to get their children out of the indoctrination and danger of the public school system. Vouchers would be better but until that happens, we'll have to use the charter system. Cheers!


it's how we got a rube king who is the smartest in the room but doesn't seem to know much.

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