Uber Investigation Blames Interim Dallas City Manager, Finds No Illegal Conduct

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Mark Graham
Leandre Johns of Uber in Dallas.
A.C. Gonzales, the interim Dallas City Manager, has nearly completed his triple-lux fall onto the proverbial sword in the city's attempt to marginalize Uber at the behest of the taxi industry.

A short while ago, Mayor Mike Rawlings released and reacted to the findings of former Dallas County District Attorney William Hill, who was hired by the mayor to investigate how an Uber-squashing ordinance found its way onto the Dallas City Council's consent agenda, and how vice cops found themselves into Uber's cars, posing as customers.

As expected, blame is basically laid at Gonzales' feet, with the mayor and former city manager Mary Suhm escaping basically unscathed. The full report, plus the mayor's response, are below.

This was all chronicled here on Unfair Park and in a cover story by Brantley Hargrove, who will come around tomorrow morning with his take on the report.

Uber Investigation Part 1

Uber Investigation Part 2

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mcdallas topcommenter

"So, will Uber be allowed to stay in Dallas?"

-Collective response of all DFW hipsters and hipster wanna-be's.

bvckvs topcommenter

I don't believe that issuing 60 citations is a proper way to "fact-find", as he says he was doing.  Charging 60 people for criminal misconduct is what you do AFTER you find out the facts, not as part of an investigation.

I do, however, believe our Republican mayor when he says he was unaware of what was going on in his administration.  I think he was very careful to not be informed, lest he have to take charge and lead..

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Both sides are splitting hairs.

I can call a phone number and have a vehicle come to my location and take me to where I want to go.


I can use an "app" on my smartphone and have a vehicle come to my location and take me to where I want to go.

I don't see any difference between the two.

And please, do not reply with comments about level of service, cleanliness, and payment methods, among others.  These items are all superfluous to the main item on the agenda which is: "Does Uber act as a dispatching service as defined in the City of Dallas ordinances?

Just because some activity is now done via the "internet" or "smart phone app" does not automatically render it exempt from existing regulation of that activity.

PS:  BTW, I am disgusted with the way both sides have handled this.


[using Arnold Schwarzenegger voice] "It's not a Uber".....


In related news, let's all say hello to our new city manager AC Gonzales.


It appears this is not the first of questionable affiliations for Gonzales. He was also a top level manager at Travelhost, Inc. in Dallas whose business practices have been questioned over the years. A blog called the Publisher's Advocate provides some weighty details of that business. Ethics, you either have them or you don't! http://publishersadvocate.wordpress.com/


You'd think the bad judgment this showed would bar considering Gonzales for the city manager position. Instead, everybody's just disappointed. God forbid we aim higher as a city than someone unethical enough to do what was done here.

mavdog topcommenter

take aways....

Gonzalez should not be hired as City Manager. If anything the manner in which he conducted himself shows naivity at best and deceit at the worst.

Rawlings must believe the public just doesn't care about the influence some interests are able to exert at City Hall. I'm hopeful he is wrong.

The City Attorney we just promoted, Warren Ernst, is incompetent. The advice that the Council can go into Executive Session to review the report, clearly violating the Open Meetings Act, shows a complete failure at their job. The report states the City Attorney's office bears much of the responsibility for this fiasco, specifically criticizing the office for using the Yellow Cab's draft to rewrite Dallas Code. Clean this dept. out!

The positive coming out of this whole affair is there will not be any punitive actions taken against Uber in the near term, and the revisions to the City Code will be a publicly held and discussed process.


I remember when A. C. Gonzales resigned as first Asst. City Manager of Dallas. He commented that everyone thinks he is a Latino and his family is from Louisiana. He said his family goes back many generations and his ancestors came from Spain. He said he does not speak or write Spanish and he has always been considered the token Hispanic in Dallas City Government. He kind of found this funny.


The weird thing is, after all the emails came out, I felt like it made A.C. Gonzales actually look better....he just seemed to be following along what had already been started

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Wonder if A.C. Gonzales is sorry enough the pay for the 50k investigation-that we all knew he created.


At least we get to keep our Uber.  For now.


Raise your hand if you honestly believe the Mayor or any member of the City Council didn't already know all of this. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?


@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul"Yet many of the Uber drivers who reported picking up Barr's PI were cited for giving those very rides. City staff later directed Dallas Police Chief David Brown to launch an investigation using undercover vice officers. In an interview, Brown characterized his investigation as a public safety fact-finding mission, which revealed that every driver his officers cited had the appropriate permits. Uber itself was cited for advertising an illegal limo service, but was found not guilty in municipal court."

 So, I guess I don't understand what you're bitching about.


@ryan762 Yes, the scapegoat is clearly solely responsible.  Thank god this such an open and shut case..

Montemalone topcommenter


You misunderstand.

This is how he got the job.

He wasn't acting alone and it wasn't his idea.


ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@Ricky_Hollywood @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul  

I am complaining about the way the City went after Uber; and, how Uber ignored the City's initial demands by hiding behind the fig leaf of "We are an "app" not a dispatching service."

There hasn't been enough reported (that I am aware of) as to how Uber's "app" works and functions.


@weirdozmedia @ryan762 Oh. So he's not at all responsible for his own actions? Even if other people also acted in unethical ways, none of them will face any punishment. And even the official scapegoat won't face any punishment and will be hired permanently despite clear evidence of being extremely unethical.

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