Tom Corea Will Spend the Next 25 Years in Prison

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Tom Corea, the disgraced, disbarred Dallas trial lawyer who pleaded guilty this week to stealing money from clients, has a new canvas for his renowned penis graffiti: the walls of a state penitentiary.

State District Judge Mike Snipes sentenced Corea to 25 years in prison on Thursday. According to The Dallas Morning News, there remains some dispute as to whether Corea stole $3.8 million, as prosecutors suggested, or whether they should have deducted Corea's not insignificant attorney fees, as the defense argued. He did win large settlements for his clients, even if they never saw a dime.

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Regardless of the exact dollar figure, Corea stole a helluva lot of money and did a lot of other despicable things as his life and career imploded over the past several years, a process we have chronicled extensively.

Corea's lengthy prison sentence ensures that his cameos on Unfair Park will become much less frequent, but we doubt they will end altogether. He's been incarcerated for more than a year, yet his wacky antics have continued.

Take this December 15 incident in Lew Sterrett. According to prosecutors, Corea was handed his feeding tray "and became belligerent about the contents that were on it." He began to complain, exclaiming "This is some bullshit pudding for only a soft tray," after which he was escorted to a timeout cell.

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That episode was No. 51 in prosecutors' "Notice of Extraneous Offenses," which describes crimes and misbehavior for which Corea was not actually charged. There were 81 in all. Take a look:

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mcdallas topcommenter

"That's all you got?"  - John Wiley Price


"This is some bullshit pudding."  <<giggle snort guffaw>>  That will never get old.

ruddski topcommenter

Off-topic tip to UP writers- Forbes says Texas has the top four cities producing middle-class jobs. Why would UP be interested in this good news? DFW is dead last,.

ruddski topcommenter

Obviously, the guy was framed.


@ruddski Dead last out of the top four in the nation, you mean? 

ruddski topcommenter

Absolutely,, and it's embarrassing because while these may be middle class jobs, they're probably bad middle class jobs because Dallas.

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