Theft, Hookers and Other Reasons Douglas Campbell May Not Be a Fort Worth Cop for Long

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Douglas Campbell
Douglas Campbell has not been convicted of any crime. The allegations of sexual assault by a public servant, official oppression and theft, reported today by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Deanna Boyd, are exactly that -- allegations.

That said, we're going to go out on a limb here and say that, unless it turns out that several different people are lying, and that the findings from a couple of previous disciplinary proceedings were bunk, he's probably not fit to be a police officer, in Fort Worth or anywhere else.

According to civil service records dug up by Boyd, Campbell was first reprimanded in June of last year for allegedly attacking his estranged wife as they were going through a divorce, screaming at her and yanking a handful of hair from her head. That earned him a 16-day suspension and an assault charge, which prosecutors dropped after he completed a domestic violence intervention program.

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He somehow escaped with a three-day suspension later that year when his superiors determined that he'd mishandled a call from a woman who was being harassed by her ex-husband. While on the phone with her, Campbell looked up her Facebook profile, commented on her appearance, and sent her several shirtless photos of himself.

But that's all in the past. His arrest on Friday is for a different set of misdeeds, these allegedly involving prostitutes. According to an arrest affidavit on the theft charge obtained by the Star-Telegram, investigators discovered that he'd been visiting a known prostitute for a while. Once, they watched him take $2 from a stranded vehicle that was blocking traffic then hand it to a woman who drove up. They were sexually involved, he said.

Again, it's possible that Campbell is the victim of a massive conspiracy to get him fired from the police force. Or -- and this seems more likely -- he could have been doing a lot of stuff to get himself fired from the police force.

Fort Worth PD isn't taking any chances. They've put him on administrative leave pending the outcome of their investigation.

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Did you say 2$? wtf kind of illegal transaction takes place for 2$, was it stolen bubble gum? If its a hooker that works doing anything for 2$ than that's one trick who's treats will probably leave  your manhood glowing in the dark.
Im sorry if I was the investigator id have to think him innocent just based on my doubts that anyone would participate in a solicitation activity for 2$. 


I've heard about 2 dollar hoes before thought it was an old folk tell, now I see it's not.

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