Even for Gun-Toting Seperatists, Pretending to Be a Texas Ranger is a Crime

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Unlike most of the separatist groups that are currently en vogue, the folks behind the republic State of Texas do not call for secession. They don't need to, having already established a parallel state government on the theory that, in conjunction with their counterparts in the other 49 states, they have form a completely sovereign shadow U.S. government. That way, they can keep the things they like about America -- the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and presumably the RedZone channel -- and ignore everything else.

These "Texians," as they call themselves, are generally allowed to indulge in their fantasy unencumbered. Every now and then, however, their claims of sovereignty run headlong against law enforcement's insistence that they, like everyone else, are required to abide by established law. Such was the case recently in Helotes, Texas outside San Antonio, where 62-year-old Gregory Davis makes his home.

The San Antonio Express-News reports:

Davis initially was arrested at a charity rodeo event in July 2011 while wearing a silver badge that said "Ranger" and carrying a Colt Model 1911 pistol in a leather holster, according to court documents.

When approached by Helotes Police Chief Robert Hunley, Davis identified himself as "Col. Gregory Davis, director of Rangers" and "claimed he was asked to assist with security at the event," authorities noted.

Suspicious after listening to "several extreme boasts and unbelievable claims regarding his tour of duty in Vietnam," Hunley contacted an actual Texas Ranger who confirmed Davis was not among the agency's ranks.

Davis later failed to make a court appearance, prompting a second arrest, this time by San Antonio police.

Officers followed him to a bank where Davis made a transaction while wearing the badge, with a gun on his hip. He told the officers that he had "paperwork giving him authority as a Ranger," court documents state.

Not that the Texians are going to let the episode keep them from "striving to win [law enforcement] over through education and cordial interactions."

"While some of them simply enjoy abusing the power that they assume is theirs to impose at their whim, most are really probably attempting to do their job the best they can, often under confusing and difficult circumstances," the website explains. "Most are ignorant of the wrongs they are opposing upon the people because of the indoctrination they have themselves been subjected to throughout their entire lives and especially in their job training."

Surely if they look they'll see that freedom is right around the corner.

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My parallel state has declared a crusade/jihad on their parallel state.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Nice Halloween stunt. Does this law apply to children dressing up as Rangers? What about all those baseball players?


Impersonating a Texas Ranger has to be one of the most ill-advised stunts ever. What's your bet: mental illness or failed con man?

Private note to headline writer: 'Seperatist' Whaaa?

bvckvs topcommenter

I think it's cute that they have their Little Rascals club - like watching kindergartners play racecars.

ruddski topcommenter

Now, if he declared himself a woman, like Bradley Manning, he'd have more luck gaining acceptance.

holmantx topcommenter

did you check to see if he indeed was a Vietnam vet?

it's a big problem but no doubt you have no problem with people who claim they were in the big war (fill in the war).

mcdallas topcommenter

We need a "'Murica!" equivalent for "Texas".  


It worked so well last time ....http://www.texnews.com/texas97/rot110597.html

McLaren gets 99-year sentence; Otto, 50 years

By EDUARDO MONTES Associated Press

ALPINE - Republic of Texas leader Richard McLaren was sentenced to 99 years in prison and fined $10,000 Tuesday for his role in the kidnapping of his neighbors, which led to a weeklong standoff with police.


And the NASA folks refuse to honor my homemade "astronaut" badge but, someday, freedom or something.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Are you trolling the gun loonies again.  ArmedMom cant be too far away


@ScottsMerkin not all gun owners are loonies.  there are plenty of left loonies too.  a certain cat lady on here comes to mind.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I know this, I was just speaking of the loony ones

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@ruddski who is you guys?  Im surprised it didnt evoke more angry crazy comments,  but if not the one wanting to take away their guns anyway

ruddski topcommenter

Can you guys call it or what?! Look at all the gun loons!

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