Keller "Black Widow" Michelle Williams Ducks Murder Charge, Pleads Guilty to Deadly Conduct

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Michelle Williams
From the start, something about Michelle Williams' story just didn't add up. She told police that a man, dressed in black and carrying a wrench, had broken into her Keller home one October morning and shot her husband, 40-year-old Gregory Williams, in the temple. But there was no sign of a break in, the K-9 unit detected no scent of an intruder, and the only sign of struggle was a small mark on Williams' forehead.

Then, rather abruptly, she changed her story. Her husband hadn't been murdered; he'd committed suicide. She'd fabricated the intruder story to protect their 4-year-old daughter from the knowledge that dad had killed himself.

Officials didn't buy this version, either. The medical examiner ruled the case a homicide then, three months later, Williams was charged her with her husband's murder.

On CNN, Nancy Grace attempted to get to the bottom of the case with her trademark brand of journo-speculation. Meanwhile, the UK's Daily Mail dubbed her a "Black Widow."

Despite prosecutors' suspicions, Williams won't be going to prison for murder. The Tarrant County District Attorney's office announced Wednesday that Williams pleaded guilty to charges of deadly conduct, for "knowingly discharging a firearm at her husband," and evidence tampering, for "repositioning and cleaning his body in order to impede the investigation."

The DA's office says it will recommend two years in prison for the deadly conduct charge and 18 for evidence tampering. Sentencing is scheduled for April 21.

In a statement, prosecutor Jack Strickland was almost apologetic: "There were serious legal and technical issues with the investigation that factored into this decision. Specifically, the defendant succeeded in destroying and doctoring evidence necessary to prove an intentional murder."

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Just watched a true crime episode and mistook this crime for that one.  Oddly, it was a man named Greg in Ohio, whose wife, Michele, killed him in 1993.

Weird coincidence.


I'd hit that. But only doggie. she's got the crazy eyes.


Well she kind of told the truth.  Marrying her was in fact a form of suicide.


Do you guys not have an editor?
1."Williams was charged her with her husband's murder."  sound a little off?
2.Specifically, the defendant succeeded in destroying and doctoring evidence necessary to prove an intentional murder."  I realize its a quote, but if you don't punctuate I right, it comes off as
doctoring evidence necessary to prove an intentional murder.  (meaning she created evidence to prove intentional murder lol)

Which is the opposite of what it is meant to be.  So since you cant reorder the words to make doctoring first and destroying  second, as its a quote.  At least use proper punctuation, and separate the damn phrase.

btw I realize mine isn't perfect either, but im not posting articles, im responding in a friggin blog.


Its on the main page of the Dallas Observer under, "Top Dallas News".  With a heading that says nothing about blog. Until you click and look at the top of the page.  Its listed as NEWS multiple times.  So Maybe my view of blogs is too informal, and you can clarify to me what exactly a blog.  I was under the impression it was this.

"a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis."

This is hardly individualized, nor personal, its not the typical personal page one rants about their views and opinions on.  These are people posing as journalists writing pieces that are listed as current events and NEWS. 


LOL blog posts, If this shit says written by "blah", and is represented as a news piece, regardless if its under something titled blogs.  Then its an attempt at a news article. Its got the girls friggin photo for shit sake.  Seriously? not an article ROFL that's silly, without a doubt the writer intended the writing style to be in  article format.  As it is also displayed as an article.
Fine they are News article BLOGS, still news articles tho.  Or attempts at such. And since they are being advertised on peoples news feeds as such, one would think they would double check for mistakes.

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