DISD District 8 Residency Lawsuit Kaput Until After Election

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Lara Campaign
Kristi Lara
A lawsuit against the Dallas school district and a candidate for election to the school board brought by his election opponent Kristi Lara was stopped by court order this afternoon until after the November 5 election, according to a lawyer for Lara's opponent.

Jeronimo Valdez, lawyer for DISD District 8 candidate Miguel Solis, told me: "This afternoon we filed a petition for mandamus in the Court of Appeals for the 5th District and a motion for expedited consideration. The court subsequently entered an order staying all proceedings in the trial court."

Valdez said that means the lawsuit will not be heard until after the election. He said the Lara's claim that Solis does not live in District 8 was never the lawsuit's true motivation, characterizing the suit instead as a fishing expedition seeking political information about Solis' supporters and his ties to Dallas school Superintendent Mike Miles.

I have had calls in to Lara and her lawyer, Lisa Blue, since early afternoon seeking comment. They haven't called yet.

Solis Campaign
Miguel Solis

Lara sued Solis and the school district on the first day of early voting, claiming Solis was not a legal resident of the district as required by law. Solis offered rent receipts and other evidence right away to show he had moved into the district in time to meet legal requirements, but the lawsuit ground on. Lara is seeking $100,000 from Solis and the school district and the right to question Miles under oath.

The District 8 seat was vacated when Adam Medrano left the school board to join the City Council last May. That left a four-four split on the board between those members who want to fire Miles and those who want to keep him.

Solis, who was a special assistant to Miles before quitting to take another job, is assumed to be a Miles supporter. Lara's campaign announcement photograph was shot at the headquarters of Alliance-AFT, a teachers union calling for Miles to be fired.

Why is this election a big deal? Figure it out.

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Solis has presented a lease, utility bills, his voter registration card, his drivers license, and other evidence of his residency in district 8 that is overwhelming. There is no legitimate question that he was a resident of district 8 for the requisite length of time, and this case was never about an actual residency issue. It was a stunt to confuse the public and an attempt by status quo anti-reformers to use the legal system to obtain political information on an opponent.


This is the description of the following video:

"In the summer of 2013, Kristi Lara gave a bizarre speech at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington, TX. Here's an excerpt where she promotes the idea that blue-collar workers should be given and 'annual wage' (i.e., salary) because that will make a better America. Really? So that their employers can make them work a 12 hour day for the same pay they used to get for 8 hours? As Kristi herself says, "People DIED to get an 8 hour workday!" And she wants to take that away. Can you believe that she's running for DISD school board? Weren't teachers just given a dose of Kristi's 'annual wage' nonsense when their workday was increased by 45 minutes without any increase in pay?"



Well, it was a pretty easy question for him to answer:

Did he actually live, with utilities and everything, at the address he is using for this election, in time to be eligible?

It seems he had two concurrent leases. How many of us did that when we were his age? And how can he afford that? Is he getting paid, in cash on the side, or in kind---for all this?

After all, he used to brag at March Middle School, during the short time he was there, that he wanted to be the first Latino president of the United States.

Not making that up.

He does not care about the kids. He cares about himself. After all, look at his job record. He hops and jumps.


Full disclosure, I know Kristi personally. 

I find it interesting that she claims to be a progressive candidate, yet according to the injunction “She also seeks to prohibit votes cast for [Solis] from being counted.” Why is this so-called ‘progressive’ disenfranchising voters? Isn't this what real progressives are against? On her website under “platform” she states “Represent the Interests and Voices of Dallas Residents” Sounds great, but doesn't seem to apply if you are voting for Solis. 

 I also find it interesting that “Lara is seeking $100,000 from Solis and the school district”. What does DISD have to do with this? Again, on her web site, under the same tab—“platform”—it says the following: 

“Kristi will work to Develop Excellence in Education: • Invest in Full-Time Early Childhood Education • Recruit and Invest in High Quality and Certified Teachers • Advocate For Small Class Sizes” 

However difficult this might be to accomplish, will it be made easier or more difficult if the school district has to pony up $100,000 to Kristi Lara? So I am confused is she for children’s education getting better? Or is she for taking $100,000 from the DISD?

RTGolden1 topcommenter

This needs to go to court?  I'm guessing there is some sort of law regarding residency requirements for candidates.  I'm guessing that law spells out district boundaries (or references one that does) and some sort of time frame required to meet 'resident' status.  Seems a pretty simple thing to look at an electric bill, gas bill, rental contract, cable bill, etc etc and decipher where the person lived and since when they have lived there.


Whoever paid for Lisa Blue's time on this ought to be disclosed on Ms. Lara's next Texas Ethics Commission filing.  But I won't hold my breath.

mavdog topcommenter


where do you get the idea that Lara is advocating anything about the length of the workday? she clearly is talking about how a worker is compensated, more along the lines of a "living wage" if anything.

not that I am agreeing with her proposal of replacing hourly wages with salaries, but I listened to her talk and wonder how your linking what she says to the workday is valid.


@Flabbergasted  Either he can or he can't but according to DMN he already provided the evidence, now it's just a matter of how the judge is going to rule on this. The question is what does proving where he was or is residing have anything to do with " Lara is seeking $100,000 from Solis and the school district...." ??


@RTGolden1 That's what Lara is doing - providing the evidence that Solis doesn't meet those requirements.  Solis wants to stall the case.

JimSX topcommenter


Maybe next they can have Craig Watkins send out the gendarmes to slap the cuffs on Solis. 


@mavdog @cynthiapea  I think you didn't noticed that I just pasted the "About" description on the video.....

But regardless, you are right, she is not advocating the length of the workday. She just doesn't know what a salaried person is that's why she uses the term "annual wage." If her intentions are "along the lines of a "living wage"" then the argument that she should make is to raise the minimum wage. You should have heard the Q&A..... no idea what she is talking about......


Actually it's the opposite. Lisa Blue did donate $5,000 in cash, but there is no entry for in-kind, donated legal services on Lara's report. She clearly doesn't have the cash to pay the legal bills so is this yet another ethics violation on Lara's part? Solis properly reported the value of his lawyers' time.


@MargaretHuntHill @big_oj What I mean is if you click on the link and view the report, Lisa Blue is the lawyer representing Lara. Blue has donated the legal costs as well. Solis on the other hand is using his funds for his Attorneys.

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