Dallas Councilman Philip Kingston Is Going as Angela Hunt for Halloween, and It's Terrifying

via Facebook
This photo, of Councilman Philip Kingston and his predecessor Angela Hunt (or vice versa?) was posted on Facebook over the weekend. "I do not make an attractive woman, but my legs are dead sexy," Kingston said of his attire on his Facebook page. We sincerely hope this is a Halloween costume and not his new wardrobe.

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The neighborhood was on a path to hell, complete with fire and brimstone, before I moved out.

This photo simply proves what we said during the campaign: Philip is a seat-warmer for Angela Hunt, and come 2015 she will gladly accept his invitation to take back her seat on the council (about the same time Rawlings lets Staubach-Gates take the Mayor's spot).

Sadly, I now live in MedranoLand, where a vote purchased has more value than a vote given freely.


proof the neighborhood's gone to hell since Avi moved out.


@AviAdelman Hopefully you are helping get out the vote for Kristi Lara for the School Board election in District 8.  She will represent the people and their students and not the school administration.  That is what we need. See http://schoolarchiveproject.blogspot.com/ for more data on Kristi and this election.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

@Sharon_Moreanus .

Yes East Dallas does still have a sense of humor.   Couldn't you tell?

 No, I am not bitter about my truck.  I am still pissed that there was no investigation.  DPD's clearance rate for stolen vehicles the year mine was stolen was about 5%.  I hear that they did find some over by California Crossing Park.

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