Accused South Dallas Rapist Van Dixson is Suing Dallas County for Violating His Civil Rights

Van Dralan Dixson
In the wake of last month's hunt for a serial rapist targeting South Dallas, the smart money said that the first lawsuit would come from Alan Mason, the mild-mannered insurance salesman whose name and picture were plastered across the media after he was mistakenly identified by police as a "person of interest."

Instead, that honor belongs to Van Dralan Dixson, who is currently in Dallas County jail facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault and seven of aggravated robbery. On Thursday, he filed a handwritten, pro se lawsuit in federal court claiming the Dallas County Sheriff's Office has violated his constitutional right to due process.

"[F]avorable evidence to the accused has been leaked to the media," he explains in his complaint, omitting a key prefix. He doesn't elaborate why the release of the details of his alleged crimes is unconstitutional, but his jailhouse lawyer, a 35-year-old career criminal named Matthew McBride, does.

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Matthew McBride
"Regardless of public and judicial opinion Mr. Dixson has rights to due process, and fairness," McBride writes, adding, "To afford Mr. Dixson his right to fairness, I personally find it in the best intrest of him, and the state to order the Dallas County Sheriffs Office, Dallas Police not to provide any information to the media that would impair his defense."

Dixson's chances of prevailing in this case seem slim, given that the release of allegations against a suspected criminal is a common and accepted practice, not to mention that the Dallas County justice system would need a lot longer than a month to effectively deny a prisoner due process.

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whateveryousay topcommenter

This guy is a peach: 

Huffington Post:

DALLAS -- A crime-watch volunteer suspected of raping four women in Dallas this summer was implicated in a sexual assault two decades ago, but that case was dropped when his accuser died after being struck by lightning just before trial.

Van Dralan Dixson, 38, was arrested Tuesday in a Baton Rouge, La., motel. Police say DNA evidence so far has linked Dixson to four rapes in Dallas' Fair Park neighborhood, where as many as nine women were attacked by the same man this summer.

The assailant in each case was armed with a handgun, forced the victims to secluded areas, then robbed and sexually assaulted them, according to police. Police are awaiting DNA tests from two of the nine cases; in three other cases, such evidence wasn't available.

In the early 1990s, Dixson, a convicted robber, was accused of raping a woman at gunpoint, according to the former prosecutor in that case.


Watch out here - Craig Watkins and his crew might try to exonorate this guy as well! Remember, this rapist does have the following rights - to have the same thing done to him in the slammer, to have his dingus cut off and to stay in the Huntsville resort until he is killed by his prison lover! If it had been someone close to me that he terrorized - my friend Charles Bronson would have followed up!


This dude is a freakin rapist! I feel rapists and child milestones should have no rights and we just cuts there hands off and ale them live in Iraq.


Based on his appearance, I have no idea why he'd ever be suspected of a crime.  Said no one, ever.


It's getting to the point that you can't rape someone without having your own personal civil rights violated.  I weep and mourn for where this country has gone.


Putting McBride's pic after the jump was an excellent bit of comedic timing.

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