An "A-List" German Reality TV Star Claims the Dallas Omni is Infested With Bed Bugs

The Reimann family. Janina's on the far right.
A decade ago, Konrad "Konny" Reimann, tired of his native Hamburg, Germany, packed up his family and set off for Gainesville, Texas. There, he established Konny Island (Google translates it back from the German as "Konny Iceland") and embarked upon a thoroughly American life, complete with an ever-present cowboy hat and small salsa-making operation.

The German reality TV cameras were there from the beginning, and Reimann's outsize personality and hyperbolic embrace of the Texas lifestyle soon made him "Germany's most famous emigrant." His shtick is akin to that of a redneck-themed CMT reality show.

His daughter Janina Bradley, now in her 20s, has traded rural Gainesville for cosmopolitan Dallas, but she hasn't escaped the cameras completely. One weekend last month, she and the rest of her family stayed at the Omni Hotel downtown, preparing to film a new episode. Several interviews with European TV stations were lined up in advance.

Her stay at the Omni did not go well. She filed a lawsuit in Dallas County court this week against the Omni and its chief security officer claiming negligence. We'll get to the details in a second, but first, we'll leave it to the suit itself to dispense with the preliminaries.

The facts are simple. From September 10-11, 2013, Ms. Bradley and her family stayed at the Omni Hotel Dallas. Ms. Bradley was entering the Omni Hotel Dallas looking forward to enjoying the tranquility and service the Omni Hotel Dallas is, or was, known for. After all, Ms. Bradley had to prepare for an important day.

Indeed, Ms. Bradley is no ordinary citizen. In her native country of Germany, Ms. Bradley is what people in this country would call an A-Lister. For over a decade, Ms. Bradley and her family (the "Reimann Family") have been featured by European TV shows, radio stations, and the Internet media. To give just a small taste of their popularity, it should be noted that the Reimann Family TV Show is typically watched by several million people.

This led Courthouse News to erroneously conclude that Bradley is a member of the Reimann family of billionaire perfume magnates. If that were the case, one expects she would have wound up in lodgings more luxurious than Omni room No. 2009.

That's where Bradley woke up on the morning of September 11, excited about a day of media appearances. Then, she noticed the insect bites that covered her body and blotched her face, and her excitement was replaced with horror. Again, we'll let the lawsuit explain:

While bug bites occur frequently to all of us, Ms. Bradley's situation is distinct in a number of ways. First, the amount of bug bites she suffered is excessive, unusual, and beyond what people can expect when vacationing in Dallas in September. Second, Ms. Bradley did not visit the Texan wilderness, but she suffered all bites inside what she believed to be safe premises, namely her hotel room. Third, the bites, by quantity and severity, were so alarming that Ms. Bradley had to consult with a physician, who attested to the complaints, symptoms, and findings. Fourth, Ms. Bradley was expected to look normal and healthy before camera.

Because the film crew flew in from overseas, Ms. Bradley could not cancel or postpone the filming. That said, Ms. Bradley had to be filmed with more than a dozen of unattractive bug bites all over her face.

Bradley says she showed the bites to hotel staff but was met with only ridicule. She is seeking unspecified damages, arguing that it was Omni's job to ensure that her room was clean and bug free.

Omni spokeswoman Anne Tramer contends Bradley's room was perfectly clean.

"Normally Omni Hotels & Resorts does not comment on litigation, however, this is something we take very seriously," she wrote in an email. "I can tell you that we immediately investigated and found no evidence of bedbugs."

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Hmmm. "No ordinary citizen." I wouldn't repeat that in front of jury of us "ordinary citizens."


bed bugs are just SO GERMAN.....our WWII troops had to put up with them, so now we get to return the favor.   hope she got some Texas Bratwurst while here....much better than Krautland and safer too.  Heck, maybe all the other hotel guests sent their bugs over to her to keep her company.


It's totally embarrassing for Dallas that these folks have to speak English, or more appropriately, Spanish, during their visit because dumbass Texans can't speak German.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Trip Advisor review:  1,176 reviewers, ranked 4 out of 186 hotels in the area, not one mention of beg bugs.  Enough said.


Never heard of them. they should go back to  Germany.maybe she got fleas bites from her dog


I've had bed bugs, and they are in fact miserable. Just a few months ago I had to throw away a $1000 mattress and boxspring because of them after repeatedly gassing my apartment and eventually realizing they had won the war. I hope they enjoyed that August heat. They're huge fans of crawling all over and biting you at 4am.

That said, even for a city as inept as Dallas, there is no way a year after opening the city owned hotel has bed bugs.

holmantx topcommenter

ok it was me.

so sue me.


That must have been the worst September 11th ever.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Janina, hon.....If you have to tell people your on the "A-list"...your not on that list.

observist topcommenter

I invested with bedbugs but got a very poor return and moved my money over to Fidelity.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@P1Gunter its totally possible from day sir.  All it takes is one traveler who had them, put their suitcase on the bed and its all over.  


@ScottsMerkin @P1Gunter  

Bedbugs are notorious hitchhikers. All it takes is one guest, and the infestation starts. They also spread room to room via electrical boxes.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@ScottsMerkin @P1Gunter 

I have an acquaintance that does pest control and she told me that the number of homes in the area being treated for bedbugs of late is huge.

She also noted that they aren't just the filthy homes of the less prosperous among us but are also showing up in some pretty ritzy locales.

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