Dallas Man Peed Himself, Compounded Problem by Kicking Cop with Urine-Soaked Pant Leg, Police Say

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Leonard Small
Every man has his limit, and Leonard Small reached his late Sunday night, somewhere between the apartment parking lot where he was picked up for public intoxication and the Dallas city jail.

When officers ushered the 25-year-old out from the back of the paddy wagon, they noticed that his pants were thoroughly soaked and that there was no evidence of any liquid-containing vessel.

City ordinance isn't very clear about whether peeing one's pants is a crime (its ban on public urination makes no mention of pants), and relevant case law is hard to come by. Even if it is, though, it would only be a misdemeanor, meaning that Smalls could have spent a few hours in the drunk tank, sobered up, and then gone on his way.

Instead, Small allegedly decided to commit a felony.

"Apparently, the guy peed himself, and when officers tried to take him out of the van, he kicked his pants at the officer's chest and [urine] got, you know, everywhere," Dallas police spokesman Juan Fernandez said.

Officer Thomas Purdy, whose chest Small's urine-soaked leg allegedly hit, was not pleased. Two other officers stepped in and took Small to Lew Sterrett, where he is being held on a $25,000 bond for harassing a public servant.

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Waste of taxpayers time.What do police think drunk people do who are out of their minds being drunk. Man could not hold pee did he intend to come into contact with officer,I don't think so.

Drunks act like Drunks.


Ted Cruz could teach this dude how to hold his pee for a long time without fouling his britches.


How do we know he wasnt asked for a urine sample for testing purposes? Hopefully he was sentenced to keeping his pants on for two weeks in a hot jail!


So what is everyone getting all pissy about...? It ceases to amaze me that no mention was made of the CCTV cameras that catch all loading and unloading of prisoners yet there WAS mention of two more officers on the scene which brings a total testifying count to three. Just enough for Dallas to convict this guy for what I would be willing to bet in an event that went NOTHING like Johny Law reported it to have.... #ISMELLARAT#NOFAITHINDPD


I bet that cop was pissed!

RTGolden1 topcommenter

@mcdallas better to be pissed off than to be pissed o... nevermind.

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