Lewisville Stinks. The City Hopes $2.7 Million Will Help Mask the Odor.

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Old Town Business Association, via Facebook
We don't mean to cast aspersions on Lewisville, which as far as we can tell is a fine suburb, home to 95,000 mostly law-abiding Texans and a fine lake to get drunk on. But the stench that wafts over Old Town, the city's historic downtown, is unmistakable.

"A lot of times, it's just a sewer gas smell," Terry Anderson, a Lewisville plumber, told WFAA. "It smells a little bit like a dead animal sometimes."

The odor, any mention of which is strangely absent from the city's official tourism website, has been plaguing Lewisville off and on for four decades. It wasn't until recently, however, after the city completed two studies, that officials figured out that it was coming from the Prairie Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, according to The Dallas Morning News.

"It's far enough away, you wouldn't expect it," town spokesman James Kunke told WFAA. "But it's close enough, based on the temperature, based on the wind, that you can have the issue from time to time."

The issue is severe enough that the Lewisville City Council last night was set to approve a $2.7-million redo of the treatment plant. The smell, they hope, will be gone for good come the summer of 2015.

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Are they sure it isn't from Red Neck Heaven? Ohhhhhhhh.............

Hickory dickory dock, this chick was ..........Ohhhhhhhhhhh

I'm here all week folks.


I have some friends that lived in Lufkin. The town had/has a pretty big paper mill. On most days, the town smelled like a wet egg fart.

I also had a friend that went to Austin College in Sherman. Back then the town had a pretty big mayonnaise factory. Sherman, too, smelled of wet egg fart.

I am guessing that if a poo-filled water treatment plant is near historic downtown Lewisville, then I already have a pretty good idea of what that place smells like.

Anyone up for some Waffle House?

J_A_ topcommenter

Don't get in Lake Lewisville water unless you wanna smell like shit. True statement

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I thought the stench had always been attributed to the skanks of party cove.  Who knew


I can't be the only person thinking that the one surefire way to take care of all of Lewisville's problems, from the stench to the City Council (but I repeat myself), involves taking off and nuking the entire site from orbit, can I?

mcdallas topcommenter

It took two studies to realize that a "sewer smell" could be coming from a wastewater treatment plant?  Who conducted these studies and how do I get into the business of study-conducting?

In other news: the reason that a huge tree branch fell on the library has been discovered.  It seems that gravity from a near-by planet (earth) caused said branch to fall, according to two studies.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


I once worked in a machine shop that happened to be in the same industrial park that was home to a company that mixed spices for the local meat packers and other food industry concerns. For several days each week the entire area smelled like Jack Links beef jerky.


@JustSaying Waffle House? You sure you're up for visiting Lewisville's cultural center? Why, I hear they got READERS out there.


@mcdallas some consultant(s) got 25 or 50 k (or more, I'm lowballing here) to figure out that the shit smell in town comes from the shit water plant near town.  This is happening every day in local government folks.  If somehow a tax paying citizen were given the power of invisibility and went and observed their leaders in local government they would be sick to their stomach at the waste, graft, nepotism, etc.  that goes on.


@mcdallas Careful. Lewisville's school system is really big on "teaching the controversy" when it comes to science. I'm certain some local dentist is pushing an intelligent design curriculum when it comes to gravity, thermodynamics, or anything else that might affect the high school football team.


I remember you. You approved my permit to build the wastewater treatment plant.

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