James Osborne Beat His 85-Year-Old "Memaw" Unconscious During All-Night Drunken Rage, Jury Finds

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James Dolan Osborne
It's a question that stumps even the most erudite of moral philosophers: who beats their own grandmother? What type of vile creature would stoop so low as to willingly injure a blood relative, much less one who's frail and 85 years old?

Here, at last, is the answer: James Dolan Osborne, that's who.

The 43-year-old was sentenced by a Tarrant County jury today to 60 years in prison on charges of family violence and injury to the elderly for assaulting his grandmother in October 2012. The press release sent by the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office refers to the woman only as "Memaw," so we will do the same.

According to information presented at trial, Osborne had moved in with Memaw the previous month. Osborne's uncle (Memaw's son) was living there as well, but he was hospitalized with leukemia within days of his nephew's arrival.

So, Memaw was alone in the house, tidying her son's room, when Osborne returned home on the evening of October 9. He threatened to kill her and began beating her as soon as he walked in.

"For the next five hours, Osborne alternated between drinking and beating Memaw," the press release says. "At one point, he choked her until she became unconscious."

Osborne nodded off around 5 a.m., allowing his grandmother to escape from the house. She hid outside until a neighbor emerged from his home to take his daughter to school. The man took her to the hospital and called police, who quickly arrested Osborne.

In the wake of a guilty verdict and six-decade prison sentence, prosecutor Lucas Allen declared legal and moral victory: "If you beat your grandma, you better be prepared to pay the price."

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Something tells me he is gonna be the wife and Meemaw in the slammer! Lock him up to play house and throw away the key!


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Maybe she deserved it.


Yes, let's hold him up in prayer because he deserves to have his soul saved in everlasting Christian love.  Praise God.  Yes, he is a fucking pig.  People who hurt the elderly should be buried up to their neck and plowed under the earth.  Fuck him.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

That musta' been some goooooooooood chicken fried steak.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

lets all have compassion for this man eh Bill?  He obviously has a drinking problem 

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