Here's the Crowdsourced Mavs Jersey that Fans Most Want to See on Dirk

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Some way, somehow, Mark Cuban managed to whittle down the 1,000-plus quality entries in his design-the-next-Mavs-uniform contest down to a final 10. For whatever reason, Buster the Armpit Lion didn't make the cut.

The submissions are currently up for a vote here. All of them are pretty quality, save for the weird argyle sweater vest and the one with the Dallas skyline which, in the words of one astute Facebook commenter, "looks like a fake Denver Nugget Jersey."

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Unfortunately, the skyline design currently enjoys a roughly 3-2 lead over second place. The stakes are relatively low, since the Mavs are now describing these as the options for the "alternative" jerseys for the 2015-16 season, but is there any reason ever to have Reunion Tower that close to Dirk's nipple?

Go vote. Dirk needs you.

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the bobcats stole the mavs jersey design..I like this..


I actually don't mind those. That said, what ever happened to those great green jerseys they used to wear with the retro font? Those were by far the best.


Horrible. Denver Nuggets part 2.

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