A Dallas Cop Was Fired for Refusing to Rat Out an Old Friend Who's Now a Murder Suspect

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Dallas police Sergeant Carlton Barnes knew the man the bulletin described. They had gone to school together years before. Now, in September 2011, his friend was a capital murder suspect.

According to an internal affairs investigation, Barnes ran the memo by a fellow officer, another former classmate, who confirmed that the suspect was the person Barnes thought it was. Barnes volunteered to pass the information along to homicide detectives.

It took him 18 months.

Barnes finally passed along the information in March 2013. DPD doesn't make clear what prompted his admission. The department declined to identify the suspect or give details about his alleged crime.

Barnes was fired today following a disciplinary hearing with Chief David Brown, for failing to disclose information to homicide detectives and for lying in a sworn affidavit. For that, he also faces a records-tampering charge.

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"Rat out"?!  Really?  You think law enforcement personnel should adhere to gangster standards?  Sheesh....  Let me tell you this, gangsters, bangers...whatever you want to call them...will snitch on their 'brothers' in a New York minute if they are offered anonymity.  They will KILL to avoid jail, so you think they wouldn't break such a bogus code?  LOL....  You middle class liberals sure have some warped views about thugs and scumbags.

Finally, if a law enforcement officer fails to do his sworn duty, he is just another lowlife that can't be trusted.  I personally think he should be prosecuted for his malfeasance.

primi_timpano topcommenter

I have to admire his principles. Some relationships are above the law.


Hey bra......Snitches get stitches. 

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I hope we get a follow-up when he is inevitably reinstated.


Celebrate the countless infinite amazing rich vibrant benefits of divershitty.

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