The Dallas Zoo Just Imported Zola, the Internet-Famous Dancing Gorilla, from Canada

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The Fort Worth Zoo has a new baby elephant. Maybe you've seen her, or maybe you've just glimpsed the "Biggest Baby in Town" ad campaign. Maybe you've watched one of the sickeningly adorable YouTube videos of the elephant toddling around by her mother or spritzing herself with water. Perhaps you even went online and participated in the baby-naming contest, forever burdening the poor creature with the name "Belle."

All that attention has no doubt made the Dallas Zoo rather jealous, which explains the arrival Thursday of gorillas Shana and Zola from the Calgary Zoo.

The ostensible reason for the transfer was that the 11-year-old brothers weren't welcomed by their fellow western lowland gorillas in Canada. According to the Calgary Sun, Kakinga, a 34-year-old silverback, "didn't take too well to the younger males," leaving them isolated.

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His jealousy is understandable. While Shana has led a quiet, retiring life, Zola is famous, having achieved Internet stardom when a video of him breakdancing in a puddle (the funk music was added later) went viral.

Maybe the fame made Zola insufferable. Maybe Kakinga was simply reluctant to give up the spotlight. However it was, the brothers are in Dallas now, exploring their surroundings during a month-long quarantine. Only after that's over will we know how Dallas' primates will cope with their famous interloper.

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Michael O'Neill
Michael O'Neill

To: Dallas Zoo From: Every animal that ever graced your path Fuck you.


The life of a zoo animal is not a good one. I don't think any educated animal lover doubts that.

However, the opportunity to see animals up close can drive a child's passion for helping them. I loved zoos and pets as a kid and wanted to be a zoo vet. While that didn't happen, I am very involved in animal rescue and an advocate for wildlife as well.

So while their lives might not be glamorous, they are inspiring a new generation of vets, biologists, rescuers, conservationists, etc.

Lizette Lozano
Lizette Lozano

Jerry Sunny Ozuna you love dance, you should go check out the gorilla!

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

I have very mixed feelings about zoos.  It's heartbreaking to see birds caged up, especially.  Some animals look content and there is value in protecting extremely endangered species... but, still.


Well, there's 40 seconds of my life I'll never get back

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