Prosecutors: Disbarred Attorney Tom Corea Likes Hookers, Hates Jail Pudding and Once Stole $386,000 from a Senile Grandfather

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The many faces of Tom Corea
Tom Corea, the disbarred Dallas attorney charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients, is currently in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center, where he's spent every day since a judge learned in November that he'd covered his former Design District office with penis graffiti. He'll be there at least through mid-October, when his trial is scheduled to begin.

The number of felony counts Corea will be tried on is now up to nine, prosecutors having tacked on an additional five charges to the initial indictment earlier this year. But even that is a small, small fraction of the crimes Corea is accused of committing. A few days ago, prosecutors filed a "notice of extraneous offenses," which is basically a list of illegal and/or improper things Corea isn't formally charged with but which might be brought up during his trial.

There are 71.

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It's a remarkable list, albeit a bit repetitive. The majority of the items involve the theft of clients' settlement money or funds that were supposed to cover their medical expenses, and there is a fair share of defaulted loans and outstanding judgments in civil judgments.These range from small and petty (a $1,950 hot check for a chicken coop) to large and galling (the theft of a $225,000 in wrongful death damages to Glenda and John McCoy, whose daughter took Zoloft, then killed her two children, husband and then herself in Flower Mound).

Among the other highlights (or, if you prefer, lowlights) from the document:

No. 50: On December 15, Corea "was handed his feeding tray and became belligerent about the contents that were on it. Corea began to make complaints stating, "this is some bullshit pudding for only a soft tray." He was escorted to a timeout cell, where he was kept for 16 hours.

No. 42: On New Year's Even 2010, he "threatened to kill his brother Chris Corea."

No. 45: Starting in May 2012, he "engaged in an extra-marital affair with his assistant Shannon McCarty-Peterson.

No. 47: On June 4, 2012, "he pulled the hair of his wife, Jennifer Corea, and scratched her on the arm. He also punched and kicked her. His daughter ... hid in the closet to call 911. Defendant found her and hung up the phone. That evening Jennifer discovered gifts purchased for another woman in Defendant's truck."

No. 51: He "often referred to African Americans as the n-word."

No. 53: Starting in January 2010, Corea "visited multiple prostitutes posing as massage therapists. He found these prostitutes through Craigslist and his account with Eccie Worldwide." He also bragged about having sex with the mother of one of his daughter's friends.

All that stuff happened in the past two or three years. But lest you think Corea's (allegedly) sociopathic behavior is a new phenomenon, prosecutors go back two decades for what may be the most telling item on the list: Back in 1993, he allegedly manipulated his demented grandfather into excluding other family members from his will while stealing $386,000 from his trust account.

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Is anyone following the punishment phase of his trial?


Is anyone following his trial?


Unfortunately I am one of the many this guy has ripped off. He stole all my the money from my settlement and now I cannot pay the medical bills. What is this world coming to when a client cannot trust his attorney. Oh, wait...I guess I should have known better than to trust a lawyer.


This guy is a scary piece of work.   The scarier thing is how many people like him are running around.

Joe Bannon
Joe Bannon

Are you sure he doesn't play for the arlington cowboys?


If he doesn't eat his meat, how can he have any pudding? How can he have any pudding if he doesn't eat his meat?

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

To be fair to Tom, I'll bet that jail pudding is horrible.


I had a lawyer author a contract where he transferred  80 000 of  lien items. The deal was  brokered by VR Business Brokers of 8131  LBJ Freeway. I " believe"  the attorney was John Brian Williams who Is now judge at Court of Law Rockwall where I was sued.

At least this guy will really  be a Jail House  Lawyer


Yo what’n amateur.

bvckvs topcommenter

If you think this is how lawyers normally behave, then you're just like Tommy.

J_A_ topcommenter

What a psychopath

Mike Little
Mike Little

why do so many other lawyers get away with it and he isn't? maybe you should look into who he didn't payoff......

Montemalone topcommenter

I shoulda been a scheister, er lawyer.

Those guys have all the fun.

ChrisYu topcommenter

pity the misunderstood artist.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

And the ultimate punishment -- the State Bar will no longer allow him to be referred to as "prestigious" or "prominent".


@JaniceA  is was a lawyer  that is the first question on the  Bar ARE you a Psychopthic Liar  if  you say NO  you can not be a Lawyer


Sounds like the kind of guy who might have a future as a politician or who might be recruited by the IRS, DOJ, or the Dallas DA's office...

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