The Fort Worth Zoo's Newborn Elephant Is Ridiculously Adorable

First, a trigger warning: If you count yourself among that small sliver of the human race for whom the sight of adorable baby animals induces uncontrollable retching, DO NOT PLAY THE ABOVE VIDEO. For the rest of you, enjoy the Fort Worth Zoo's new Asian elephant, who was born on Sunday and made her public debut today. And please get over to the zoo's Facebook page and vote on the animal's name so the poor creature won't be named Belle ("short for Bluebell," which the zoo notes is "a wildflower found throughout Texas"). Not that the other options -- Magnolia ("Symbolizes sweetness"), Rose ("'The Yellow Rose of Texas' is an iconic song of Texas"); Ruby ("One of the four precious stones"); Sage ("The official native shrub of Texas"); and Tujuh ("Means 'seven' in Indonesian") -- are much better.

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Lonnie Beene
Lonnie Beene

I dare you to watch that without thinking of "Baby Elephant Walk."

primi_timpano topcommenter

This is not a very good situation for the elephants. From Worth Zoo (Texas) -

"The secret misery of male elephants The Ft. Worth Zoo is often portrayed as having a model zoo elephant program. On closer inspection this facility is a sterling example of just how miserable life can be for male elephants in zoos. Ft. Worth holds two male elephants, Groucho and Casey, in small, separate outdoor yards where they display severe zoochotic behaviors such as repetitive head bobbing and swaying - abnormal behaviors not seen in wild elephants. Life is generally wretched for male elephants in zoos. Few zoos even attempt to hold males because they are more difficult and dangerous to handle than females and require specialized facilities and care. Those that do hold males usually relegate them to lives of isolation, despite their social nature (zoos often dishonestly portray male elephants as completely solitary). Other zoos stick their males in impoverished back areas, similar to Ft. Worth where the public can only sneak peeks of their forlorn existence. The plight of male elephants has long been a dirty zoo secret, and one that won't soon go away considering that half of all elephant births are males. This is the Ft. Worth Zoo's first appearance on IDAs Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants list."

Dallas is just as bad.

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