Rangers Pitcher Tanner Scheppers Said He Got Sucker-Punched in Cleveland, Actually Just Lost a Bar Fight

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Rangers reliever Tanner Scheppers had a simple explanation for the black eye that left him unavailable to take the mound during Friday's 11-inning loss to the Indians: He'd been sucker-punched the night before as he walked back to the team hotel after grabbing dinner. He decided against filing a police report because he was told it'd be futile.

"They said it happens a lot, actually," Scheppers told The Dallas Morning News. "I'm just lucky nothing serious really happened. I'm good to pitch for [Saturday]. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I went down like a sack of potatoes."

That story is airtight, or so it seems until you think about it for a millisecond. So Clevelanders just go around sucker-punching strangers for sport? And they just so happened to zero in on a 6-foot-4, 200-pound professional athlete, whom they fell with a single blow? And police just kind of shrug? Hmmmm.

The Cleveland Scene began to pick apart the story on Sunday morning.

"He lost a bar fight," an anonymous witness told the paper. "He had 10 chances to walk away before this happened."

And here's what Cleveland police had to say on Sunday afternoon:

The preliminary investigation reveals that on Friday, July 26, at approximately 2:30 a.m. Texas Ranger pitcher Tanner Scheppers was involved in a physical altercation at Panini's Bar located on W. 6th Street. Further investigation reveals that the altercation was called in by Downtown Alliance workers and that Third District officers responded to the scene to investigate. Once on scene officers attempted to get information from Scheppers for a report however, he refused to provide information and refused to make a police report. Further, officers called for EMS and he refused medical attention and EMS was disregarded. The officers then conveyed Scheppers and another male to the Ranger's team hotel.

What's more embarrassing than losing a bar fight? Pretending you didn't lose a bar fight, then having police issue a public statement calling bullshit.

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It will be interesting to see if NR and JD let this guy get to strike three. Drunken bar fights are for losers.


I thought it was interesting that only some of our pitchers were involved.  All of our hitters were asleep.  They can't hit anyone or anything. 

primi_timpano topcommenter

Things happen in bars at 2:00am, especially when one is drinking and talking smack to the home town regulars. What I don't like is AJP and Nathan letting it get to the bar fight stage. These are older guys who know better. If they couldn't get Scheppers to shut up they should have apologized to the bar and walked away. These guys are teammates; they are supposed to look out for each other.

James Hughes
James Hughes

Yeah he was out screwing around talking shit... Got pwned

Mark Jula
Mark Jula

Get rid of him...you have till Wednesday.

Ron Schulz
Ron Schulz

2.30am ?? Well this explains the slump the team is in.

mcdallas topcommenter

So Schepper's story isn't airtight, but this piecing together of a story from an "anonymous" Cleveland witness and part of a police report is to be considered airtight?  Ok.  I see now.


@mcdallas Because people get sucker punched all the time walking down the street? Come on, those guys don't go out alone, they typically buddy up so the premise of someone coming up on him and knocking him out doesn't make sense. Isn't as ego deflating for him if he's telling everyone he got sucker punched. I'm sure he bit off more than he could chew. 

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