Raising Cane's Luring Dwight Howard to Dallas With Free Chicken Fingers for Life

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Raising Cane's
At this point, putting money on where free agency will take Dwight Howard would probably be unwise. The free agent center is being courted by a significant portion of the NBA and is weighing offers from the Mavs, the Rockets, the Warriors, the Hawks, and the Lakers. He visits Dallas on Tuesday.

The Mavs, unlike the Lakers, have not yet reduced their pitch to billboard form leaving that task to be shouldered by Raising Cane's, the North Texas-based purveyor of chicken fingers. That company has also taken it upon itself to sweeten the pot a bit more: It's offering Howard free chicken for life.

Free meals probably won't weigh heavily in Howard's decision. Paying for fast food isn't a major concern for someone who'd be making $22 million per year, after all. But it is a very solid marketing move on the part of Raising Cane's, even if they do have to make good on the promise.

The Dallas Morning News, taking things just one step too far, weighing Howard's life expectancy and likely eating habits to calculate the potential cost at something north of a half million dollars.

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

That's like CM Farms offering him free watermelon for life if he signs.


Good thing Cane's serves Dwight meat!


The chicken is serviceable but the limp fries remind me of turd flavored meh. 

primi_timpano topcommenter

Don't ignore the chicken feet. They can ge a fancy dish on their own and can greatly increase the gelatin content of soup.


Chickens Have Fingers ....Wow I did not know that !

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