Pioneer of Dallas' Parkour Scene Free-Ran Naked Through Set of American Ninja Warrior

Thomas Tapp lives in L.A. now, but not so long ago he was doing parkour, the insanely acrobatic form of free running, on the walls and planters and pillars of downtown Dallas. A couple years back, he and his twin brother got banned from the UTD campus for being too awesome. They have since produced a well-trafficked series of parkour tutorials and launched a training business.

But none of that comes close to what Tapp did over the weekend, when he free ran naked through a taping of American Ninja Warrior in Las Vegas.

(h/t Reddit)

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Wow those guys are badass.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Reminds me of Myrna doing the jimmy johns gauntlet downtown.


@Montemalone He didn't, but he's an eager competitor, and with a bit of prodding I'm sure they will insert him into a slot on the show.

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