Oak Cliff Fights, the Facebook Page Dedicated to Dallas Street Brawls, Is No More

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Oak Cliff Fights, a new and wildly popular Facebook page featuring user-submitted cell phone videos of mostly Hispanic teenagers brawling in the streets, is no more. It was taken down after WFAA aired its story in which LULAC leader Rene Martinez decries the youth culture that created it and City Council member Dwaine Caraway worries it's bad for the image of Oak Cliff.

In a way, this is nothing new. A quick YouTube search dredges up dozens of videos of Oak Cliff kids fighting. But the Facebook page gained traction quickly, racking up nearly 60,000 likes during its brief, four-day existence, meaning that kids no longer had to roll the dice on YouTube to get thousands of people to see their bare-knuckle boxing skills.

The Dallas Morning News' Tristan Hallman chatted briefly with the page's anonymous creator via Facebook. The idea, he said -- and we're assuming it's a he -- was to get the attention of "young kids" who "chose the wrong path so that they can better their future."

And how, you ask, does a Facebook page encouraging young people to beat the crap of each other in hopes of achieving a fleeting moment of social media glory better anyone's future? By directing them to an unidentified Dallas boxing gym, of course, where they will receive guidance, training and self-discipline. All for a fee, presumably.

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Johnny Bananas
Johnny Bananas

so people in oak cliff like to fight. whats the big deal? its not like we didnt already know this.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Now, what was that first rule of Fight Club, again?


I hope this catches on with the yuppies around the Bishop Arts District, maybe turn Brew Riot into an actual riot.

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