Former Pitcher John Rocker Says Tanner Scheppers a Victim of "Rampant Black-on-White Violence"

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The image of John Rocker, his rope-veined neck pulsing as he charges maniacally from bullpen to pitcher's mound, lives on in baseball history as a visual testament to the ubiquity of steroids in the game at the turn of the millennium. It lives on despite the fact that, unlike other juicing icons from the era like McGwire, Clemons, or Bonds, who enjoyed otherwise distinguished careers, Rocker logged just a couple of decent seasons with the Braves before quickly fading into obscurity.

Turns out, Rocker, who described himself as "not a very big fan of foreigners," once reportedly referred to a black teammate as a "fat monkey," is still around and still a racist.

We were reminded of his existence just this month, when he waxed nostalgic about the steroid era, saying baseball would benefit from more widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs. And now, he's decided to weigh in on Rangers reliever Tanner Schepper's recent mishap in Cleveland.

By now, it's pretty well established that Schepper's story of getting sucker-punched as he innocently walked down a Cleveland street is bullshit. He was at a bar and got in a fight. Not that Rocker's going to let that stop him from using the story as a chance to prove his thesis, which is that black people have an innate predisposition to violence.

Here's how he puts in in an "exclusive" column for

He didn't file a police report; though the story sounds incredibly believable considering Cleveland is one of those cities (think Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Oakland and Cincinnati) where rampant black-on-white violence transpires so frequently it has even earned a name on the streets.

"Knockout Game."

Besides street basketball, this has become one of the most popular urban games in cities such as St. Louis and Chicago: Black teens or youth attack an unsuspecting white or Asian and attempt to "knock" them out.

With stories of a "Justice for Trayvon" black-on-white assault occurring in Washington, D.C., and a black mob attack on a white person in Baltimore over the weekend, yet another assault in Cleveland (even involving a 6-foot-4, 200-plus pound baseball player) seemed plausible.

Except it's not, as Rocker eventually gets around to acknowledging. He also seems not to be bothered by the fact that neither Scheppers nor Cleveland police have given any indication that his attackers were black. Nevertheless, Rocker forges ahead.

Whatever the outcome of Scheppers' Cleveland experience, we can all agree his teammates will give him plenty of grief if it turns out his story is false; but, for all those people who have been attacked in cities like Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis, this story offers a glimpse into an unsettling reality.

Urban America is little better than a war zone.

At least Scheppers has someone on his side.

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Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill

I wish someone would play "the knockout game" with this #creepyasscracker


Though he is a racist moron that used an out of context, and false incident, to address a problem, the fact remains there is a problem. Black on white crime in the cities he cited is a huge problem. It is often random and usually without any true purpose. All one has to do is search through the crime stats to be shocked at what would seem like an all out race war against whites in those cities. much as Rocker would love to be able to make a broad statement that "blacks are violent animals" due to those numbers, it wouldn't be the truth. It has much more to do with poverty, education, and a support base. A vast majority of violent crime is committed by those that feel they have nothing to lose and have grown up seeing only the worst the world has to offer, and that the world is slanted against them...those in poverty. A lack of education takes away any chance a person growing up in poverty has of seeing beyond their current existence or the possibilities of life. Without some kind of positive support base...a stable home life, positive peers, a dedicated teacher, or even a religious organization, people will cling to whatever gives them some measure of identity. You add those three factors together and you have the perfect recipe for a criminal. All that is needed to complete the package is the opportunity.


Well, steroids may have made him stronger, but they sure as hell didn't make him smarter.

Tim Smathers
Tim Smathers

Can't make a living in baseball, so he makes a few bucks in bigotry.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

This goofball is the Rush Limbaugh of the sports world.


@logic4dallas   If all criminals, black and white, chose their victims completely at random, ~88% of victims of black crime (and white crime) would be non-black and the perception would be that there was a raging epidemic of racist black-on-white crime.  As it stands, black criminals commit a disproportionate number of crimes against black victims.

ruddski topcommenter

Rocker is the highest-paid pitcher ever and a consistent winner? Who knew?


Most criminals are too stupid or lazy to select targets for anything other than "being the easiest". Some are industrious enough to venture outside of their direct surroundings if a more fruitful hunting ground is nearby (South Dallas to Uptown for instance).

RTGolden1 topcommenter

@observist@logic4dallas "All that is needed to complete the package is the opportunity."  Could this be the reason for the disproportionate rate of black on black crime?  The opportunity is most available in the neighborhoods where black criminals live their day to day lives, and those neighborhoods are predominately black.  Nothing concrete in the way of statistics to back this up, just pondering aloud.

mcdallas topcommenter

@ruddski Actually, he's much more like the Myrna Katz of sports.  


It's not as though they prefer to victimize their own's just easier, less of a commute.


@RTGolden1 @observist @logic4dallas  I was thinking of a simplified model of "opportunity".  Picture a 10x10 grid of squares representing a population of 100 that is distributed evenly..  All the squares are white except for 12 black squares that are grouped together in a 3x4 sub-grid. Each square borders 8 eight other squares.  The 12 black squares would border and average of 3.2 white squares, i.e. they would have 40% white neighbors.  The 88 white squares would border an average of 7.6 white squares, or have 95% white neighbors.   

In this model, if criminals randomly victimized  "neighbors", black criminals would victimize whites 40% of the time, and white criminals would victimize whites 95%.  This is roughly comparable to actual crime statistics, IIR.

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