Here's What Texas Looks Like from the International Space Station at Night

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The stars at night in Texas may be big and bright, but good luck spotting them over the glare of its increasingly sprawling cities. This picture was snapped by a crew member aboard the International Space Station, some 240 miles up.

Here's how NASA describes it:

The extent of the metropolitan areas is easily visible at night due to city and highway lights. The largest metro area, Dallas-Fort Worth, often referred to informally as the Metroplex, is the heavily cloud-covered area at the top center of the photo. Neighboring Oklahoma, on the north side of the Red River, less than 100 miles to the north of the Metroplex, appears to be experiencing thunderstorms. The Houston metropolitan area, including the coastal city of Galveston, is at lower right. To the east near the Texas border with Louisiana, the metropolitan area of Beaumont-Port Arthur appears as a smaller blotch of light, also hugging the coast of the Texas Gulf. Moving inland to the left side of the picture one can delineate the San Antonio metro area. The capital city of Austin can be seen to the northeast of San Antonio.

That's pretty bright.

(h/t The Atlantic Cities)

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Hey! I see myself! 


I'm not so surprised about the urban areas.  However, I was shocked at the amount between the large cities.


Let's see if I can guess which city is which. Houston is the dense one that looks like it needs an angioplasty... the lights in Austin all seem to coming from 6th Street and the arrogance of its inhabitants... Waco is more or less blacked out because all the good Baptists are tucked away in their beds... there's a cloud of hairspray over what seems to be Dallas... San Antonio is clearly visible, but I'm not going to mention them, thusly angering the always resentful Spurs fans... I can't see Galveston because my eyes are burning too much from the carcinogens in the air.

Nathaniel Heidenheimer
Nathaniel Heidenheimer

Exactly matches the bullet in the windshield described by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter on the front page of 12-1-63 edition!

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