Elvis Andrus Will Eventually Make Adrian Beltre Drop a Pop-Up, and That's OK*

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Because the way Andrus continually screws with Beltre like an annoying little brother -- stealing his hat, touching his head, and constantly interfering with pop-ups clearly destined for Beltre's glove -- is the best thing going in baseball this side of the Canadian border.

*Unless it's, like, an important pop-up.

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ScottsMerkin topcommenter

these 2 are the funniest mother fuckers,  I love Beltre's angry snap, then huge smile 30 seconds later.  


For those who didn't see this live, it's important to realize that the infield fly rule had been called, so even if Beltre had dropped the ball, it wouldn't have mattered.


Yes!  It's been a running gag -- and fun to see guys who are paid big money to play a game actually appear to enjoy doing it!  They are pros and know when they can horse around and when they can't -- it's one of my favorite things about this team :)

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