Dirk Nowitzki Covered The Rolling Stones With a German Techno DJ, and It Was Wonderful

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Mavericks were first introduced to Flula Borg way back in 2011, when the German DJ released a song, "His Name is Dirk," and heaped praise upon his basketball-playing countryman.

"He has dominated the NBA with a smooth jumper and intelligent plays," he explained at the time. "He is like a smart dinosaur playing against a group of green, leafy ferns. While the ferns just sit around and release oxygen, the dinosaur eats them and shoots three-pointers over them. Dirk is like the German Moses, invincible and inspiring."

Two years later, that's led to the collaboration you see above. In the video, posted to the Maverick's website yesterday, Flula, two Mavs dancers, and Dirk (Mavs Maniaac guy is left on the curb) jam to a technofied version of The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction." It's incredible, undoubtedly the most interesting thing that's happened in Victory Park in a long time.

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why would Dwight Howard not want to be a part of this?

mavdog topcommenter

dirk's vocals are much better than the "We are the Champions" edition.

not sure about the dancing tho...

Montemalone topcommenter

Man, I forgot how good club drugs can be.

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