Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy Has a New League, and Apparently a New Star Athlete

Patrick Michels
Deion Sanders, at an open house for his Prime Prep Academy.
Prime Prep Academy, the sports-focused charter school founded by former Cowboy Deion Sanders, never quite found a home for its sports teams in its inaugural year, getting shut out of public-school play for having too many players living outside its boundaries and for poaching players from a local basketball power, Grace Prep.

But it found a home yesterday in the Texas Christian Athletic League, which will add 11-man football to its roster of sports leagues. TCAL, its director told The Dallas Morning News, is more adept at handling players who transfer school to school. Which is good, because Deion just netted another transfer.

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Before the school opened its campuses in Fort Worth and Oak Cliff, Sanders wooed parents with promises about a better education. But for him and his business partner, D.L. Wallace, it's always appeared to be about cashing in on kids trying to land college scholarships, dating back to their first business venture together: a look-book for kids hoping to get noticed by college scouts.

Kids like Florida's Therrell Gossier, a 6-6 wide receiver and power forward who has the attention of LSU, Syracuse and other schools that have him dreaming big, judging by his tweets:

Gossier's school, Blanche Ely, seems capable enough to get him there: His basketball team was one of the best in the country last year.

But the team lost its coach, and Sanders' school has a new league that looks pretty open to transfers. Which may explain this move:

Maybe it's the innovative instruction and free computers Deion has been promising parents since before the school opened, but it doesn't look that way. It looks like Gosier has one thing on his mind:

And he's right.

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Deion Sanders is my boi... And he is doing good things for these kids believe it or not..... If you can do better than him and crew do that shit then... Other wise do ya thang PRIME TIME....YOLO


Christian league?  You gotta be kidding me!  It's a sad day when those who promote faith and righteousness stoop so low as to allow men with the morals of Deion Sanders and D.L. Wallace to be counted among their membership.  All in the name of money and star power.   

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

"Will you teach me to football?" -- Baby Face Bob

"If Sports Ever Takes Me Out The Hood I PROMISE My Day 1 Niggas Coming Wit Me"

Well, I guess that we won't be seeing him at the Science Fair ....


Well, he clearly needs an education.

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