Adrian Ayers, Accused of Torching Justice the Puppy, Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty

On April 4, 2012, in an act of mind-boggling cruelty, a 4-month-old lab-terrier mix was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire. The puppy suffered third degree burns to 70 percent of his body and died of its injuries 10 days later.

Police eventually fingered four young men they say committed the crime. First came the arrest of now-19-year-old Darius Ewing, then, two months later, the indictment on animal cruelty charges of his alleged accomplices, Richard Valentine, 25, Darius Carey, 25, and Adrian Ayers, 21.

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Adrian Ayers
The trial of the four men was initially slated for March but was delayed when one of the attorneys came down with pneumonia. It has been delayed several times since and is now scheduled for August.

Ayers, though, won't be attending. He pleaded guilty late last month to an animal cruelty charge, agreeing to serve two years in state jail and pay a $1,500 fine. That might prove to be a relatively easy out. Lots of very angry animal lovers will be watching that trial very closely.

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Not smart to incarcerate anyone over this.  Incarceration costs $50k per year and ruins their lives.  There was potential for true rehabilitation here.  Incarceration will only make them more of a burden on society and more likely to commit criminal acts.


Richard Valentine, 25

, Darius Carey, 25

 Adrian Ayers, 21.

 Darius Ewing 19

So basically these are adults.  Adults who doused an innocent dog with lighter fluid and set the canine of fire.  Can you imagine the paid this poor animal endured prior to it's passing.  The yelping and cries of pain that these men(?) must have heard and ignored.  And thought somehow they were cool.  I wonder what sort of woman would ever go out with someone like this.  How safe could anyone ever feel around someone who would do this?   What sort of environment were they raised?  And does anyone really think that once they get away with this (and they will) that any community would be safe with them in it?  

So while some may think this is gossip...I only wish it was.  I am sure that the people who cared for this dog after these FOUR ADULTS inflicted such pain on an animal that only gave unconditional love will be pained for a long time remembering what he went through.  

Thanks Eric for posting this. 


BTW....$1500....fine....That is a freaking joke. 


This guy burnt a puppy alive and will be out in 1.5 years. Yeah I feel safe....because so many animal abusers end up to be stand up citizens in the end. Why don't we just give this animal abuser a key to the city as well


Ooga booga muhfuggin dawg dun ate muh frad chiggins suz i dun set his ass on fi-urrr, oogabooga bix nood! Where da white wimmin at?


This blog would likely be better without comments.

scottindallas topcommenter

Are you guys utterly bereft of news story ideas?  "There are no slow news days, only slow news people"  Ya'll are totally retarded judging by the slate of stories today.   Fucking gossip columnists

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

It's beyond my comprehension to understand how a human being could commit such a horrific act.


@JackJett Do not worry.  For the rest of their lives, it will be at every job they apply:  "Hey we have a Google hit on Valentine/Carey/Ayers/Ewing.  They set a puppy on fire and killed it as adults.  What should we do?  Hiring manager looks at the list of 1,000 other HS grad applicants that do not have Burned Puppy on their bio.  Out of here!  Next one."  This quartet has essentially ended its adult participation in our society.  Life over at 21, what a waste.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter


It is not hard Myrna ....


" I'm going to jump into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction." -- Adolph Eichmann

Similar thoughts, only a matter of degree in the results.

scottindallas topcommenter

@Myrna.Minkoff-Katz Fuck off, what puritanical crap.  The USG is funding Salafist terrorists in Syria, who are literally eating the entrails of their enemies, killing priests and beheading innocents, and WE complain about Assad?  And, a fucking puppy got brutally treated?  That's your fucking outrage?  Point your judgment at Israel Myrna, it's easy to criticize others, but it's only important to criticize what's done in your name.   Perhaps you can vetch about Tibet, something that we have no say or influence about.  That's a prime example of the hypocrisy of Pharisees.


@scottindallas I'll just keep pointing mine over here for a while.

Meanwhile...I can be equally outraged at a puppy being set alight, a child being found in the middle of a suburban street with her hands bound and tied in only her underwear and a tarp, a 13 year beating a 5 year old to death with a bowling ball, the fact that Syria have been proven to use weapon of mass destruction but the US response is to arm rebel - that they will vet, or perhaps the insurgency of magherb is more your current speed - that's only being going on since 2002, maybe the Algeria hostage crisis will remind you, maybe the Bahraini protests worry you more considering the size of the military base in Bahrain...or maybe it was the US wanting to start "peace" talks with the Taliban who are only killing more people or maybe it was the fact that they blew up another base last night in Kabul...maybe its that.

Maybe Myrna is not just upset a dog, maybe she can be upset about a dog and something else.

Maybe she is just upset about the dog...but what happened to that dog is pretty horrific and that man will be living amongst us in the near future.


@scottindallas ....Scott.....I am serious when I ask...are you okay?  And is that really you?  

I am looking at her comment and your response and something is off.   While you and I have not agreed in the past on various topics, this seems a bit over the top.  Hope all is well.

That said, yes Myrna it is AND SHOULD be beyond anyone's comprehension that someone could do this.  Because if you can do something this cruel, your criminal potential is endless and predictable.  

That said, I know you are equally concerned about those that are eating entrails for dinner.  Sadly, I am to fucking stupid to anything about a Salafist, but out of respect for Scott, I know not to fund them. Please join me in that promise.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@scottindallas @whocareswhatithink

Yes, it is quite overwhelming in the aggregate. If you contemplate this too much, it will drive you 'round the bend trying to figure out how we as a species can be so horrible to each other.

I've grown more philosophical about human conflict over the last decades of watching us do our best to eradicate the planet of "the other" and watching them endeavor to do the same to us. The way we become that is by not acknowledging how awful this one small (in comparison) act really is. It is inhuman.

I used to wonder about this existential struggle we all seem to be engaged in, willing or not, but I've finally come to terms with one thing: If we ignore the small daily injustices we see around us, whether they be perpetrated by thugs in saggy pants or fancy uniforms, we are all destined to suffer those same abuses.

No shame in being outraged at this outrageous act.  

scottindallas topcommenter

@whocareswhatithink @scottindallas The UN says that there is no evidence that Syria is using gas, but there's reasons to suspect the rebels.  We're arming the rebels with those democratic champions in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.  Call me crazy, incinerating one dog isn't as horrific as incinerating a whole country, dogs, cats, women and children.  Literally raping a country is worse than one act of rape.

scottindallas topcommenter

@JackJett @whocareswhatithink @scottindallas Jack  we are doing far worse, and we're all evidently ok with it.  It's easy to point fingers and say, that's awful about the misdeeds of others, but WE went along with the invasion of Iraq on a crock of lies, WE'RE doing so much worse and everyone is ok.  Reserve your judgment for yourself and your own misdeeds, pointing at others is a cheap form of social posturing.  


@whocareswhatithink @scottindallas .....I just want to be clear here because I think I must be missing something. 

This is a horrible local story.  Pathetic in every single way possible.  And this is a local blog.  And Myrna made the most simple comment of concern and suddenly people find she needs some sort of talking down because something going on is Syria and elsewhere in the world?  

I don't know Myrna other than here but she always seems like a incredibly compassionate person and the fact that she expressed sympathy for this poor canine and failed to mentioned every world wide issue is more than over the top....and trust me...I KNOW over the top.  

However, NOW, I feel compelled to find every website that mentions Syria, Bahrain, etc etc and ask them why in the holy batfuck they are NOT talking about THIS issue regarding THIS canine.  

Nuff said.

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