Cowboy Josh Brent Failed a Drug Test, so He's Probably Headed Back to Jail

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Two weeks ago Josh Brent's attorney managed to keep his client out of jail by convincing a Dallas County judge that, even though the alcohol monitor around the Dallas Cowboy's ankle had detected booze, it didn't mean Brent had actually consumed any.

Court documents filed in the case today show what Brent has been consuming: weed. On Tuesday, prosecutors received word that a urine sample submitted by Brent "tested positive for marijuana and marijuana metabolite." They're asking the judge to revoke Brent's bond and keep him in jail pending trial.

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The results of the urine test, attached to the motion to revoke Brent's bond, show that he had 21 nanograms/milliliter of marijuana in his urine. According to the National Drug Court Institute, this suggests that, assuming "single event marijuana use," Brent smoked weed within a week of the test.

Of course, this isn't conclusive evidence that Brent smoked weed. He may have eaten it in brownie form, for example, or mistaken a dime bag for a vitamin supplement. But the test is pretty hard to explain away. Expect Brent to be back in Lew Sterrett relatively soon.

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ScottsMerkin topcommenter

but its whiteys fault he got caught smoking weed.  Just another statistic now


This generations Roy Tarpley.

Lauren Monus
Lauren Monus

Get it together, Josh! Now who am I supposed to marry (and divorce three years later) for purely selfish motives?!


Jerry should've stowed his ass away in the locker room at Valley Ranch until the trial 



Don't worry about Josh. I'm sure he paid rapt attention while in college at Illinois, and he will have no trouble landing another job paying in the mid six figure range per year, after he is released in a decade or so. 

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