Dallas ISD Trustee Mike Morath Delivered the Greatest Commencement Speech Ever at Woodrow Wilson

Update at 2:57: Dallas ISD spokesman Jon Dahlander wrote to clarify that Morath was not actually delivering a commencement address. (For that, you can watch the entire ceremony DISDBlog firmly in the latter category. Morath is their fork-tongued punching bag." target="_blank">here.)

"All elected trustees are asked to participate in graduation ceremonies for schools in their elected districts," he writes. "They are also invited to bring greetings as part of the program. In fact, the printed program from the ceremony lists Mr. Morath as bringing 'Greetings.'"

Duly noted. Still awesome.

Original post: Close watchers of Dallas ISD generally have their minds made up about Trustee Mike Morath. Either he's a smart and far-sighted champion of innovative, game-changing solutions that can help save urban public schools, or he's one head of the hydra carrying water for the business establishment and peddling school reform at the expense of teachers and students.

Put the anonymous folks who run DISDBlog firmly in the latter category. Morath is their fork-tongued punching bag.

Nevertheless, they did the world the great service of posting the Morath's recent Woodrow Wilson High School commencement speech on YouTube in its entirety. It is a masterwork.

Morath takes his time on the stage to offer a lesson in democracy. First, he picks six kids at random to illustrate what two percent of the population -- the pathetically low number he says vote in school board elections -- looks like. Then, he asks a question one suspects he knew the answer to well in advance: How man of the kids actually want to hear him talk?

A couple of hands reach hesitantly skyward, but the vote's clear. Majority rules. Morath steps off the stage. Even the sign-language interpreter applauds.

(h/t The Dallas Morning News)

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1. Ironic that Mr. Morath would talk about how many people vote in a school board election, when he wasn't elected.... He won by default. So, he, like Gerald Ford, has the distinction of serving with absolutely no evidence of support.

2. Thanks for talking about that blog. We love it! You did THEM  a great service by mentioning them. With all your kow-towing to Miles and his minions, that is almost like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. You made their day, I bet. Like Bill McKenzie at the Morning News, the more you prop up a puppet, the easier it is to knock it down.

3. Keep up the good work. Miles will be gone sooner the more you defend him.


Morath has been a trustee for a couple of years.

How can anyone look the state of DISD and think that Morath is "smart" or "far-sighted" when it comes to urban education?

Morath is a cancer on the district.  And, yes, there's that whole thing about his school food enterprise that teachers know all about even though the media doesn't seem to mind. 


It's rather crappy Mike would grandstand Woodrow's HS graduation to elevate himself, through a PR stunt. He needs to go back and learn what Woodrow spirit is about. And yes, he's in it for his school nutrition company he claims he no longer runs, but still owns majority stock in. 


Yo rarely iz da queshun asked: what’s iz our chil'ns learning?

Mark Wootton
Mark Wootton

@Barack You are one of the more confusing trolls I've seen. You and Myrna. She's all over the place, too.

Los_Politico like.author.displayName like.author.displayName like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 4 Like

Pretty good. Would have been great if he then had the 6 kids vote and when 3 of them raised their hands because of all the eyes on them he proceeded to give a 2 hour snoozer. There's your lesson kiddos

ozonelarryb like.author.displayName 1 Like

Ba da bing. Show them what non participation gets them.

An object lesson for us all.

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