Angela Hunt is Now Officially a Lawyer Again

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Technically speaking, Angela Hunt never stopped being a lawyer. It's just that she spent the vast majority of her waking hours over the past eight years doing yeoman's work on the City Council. She gave her incendiary farewell on Twitter a couple of weeks back, though her tenure won't officially end until later this morning, when Philip Kingston is officially sworn in as her successor.

After that, it's back to lawyering. Late last night, she dispatched a press release announcing her future plans, which primarily involve joining the downtown law firm of Farrow-Gillespie & Heath as a partner in commercial litigation.

It's an anticlimactic end for the most outspoken and progressive council member in recent memory. No doubt this doesn't mark a full retreat into private life. She'll remain involved in District 14 neighborhoods and play the role of elder statesman of the pro-cycling, anti-toll road set. But it's the end of an era.

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And, while Hunt's life will from here on out have a Mary Suhm-shaped void, her new job will give her plenty of other people to grill. In her announcement, she promises to "bring that same passion for advocacy to my work for Farrow-Gillespie & Heath's clients" as she did for her constituents on the council.

So, opposing counsel better watch out.

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Yo as long as Sandra Fluke be get’in her free birf controls pills what diff’ do it make?

holmantx topcommenter

just so long as she does not lobby the City Council for money.

observist topcommenter

@StupidHippies  Libtards like city council person who fights against wasteful government boondoggle tollroad and its Republican sponsors... troll's head asplodes!!!!


@observist @StupidHippies 

Libtards like city councilor who accomplished nothing in their favor. Including voting to widen hezar kavez boulevard, making it even less bike friendly and tearing down historic buildings. Also: Anoints shitty awful successor.. libtards rejoice!

And how much money did her failure of a false crusade against a toll road waste? Tens of millions at least. 

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