SMU Says Professor's Claims of Sex and Nazi Fetishism in Human Rights Program Are B.S.

Patricia Davis
SMU agrees with a number of points former professor Patricia Davis made in the rather wild lawsuit she filed last month. Both agree, for example, that Davis is a woman, that SMU has 11,000 students and that Davis worked at the school until she was fired last October from her position as associate director of the Embrey Human Rights Program.

Where opinions start to differ is on the conduct of Rick Halperin, a well-respected academic and Davis' former boss at Embrey. She says he's a Nazi-obsessed sex fiend. The university (and Halperin's colleagues) say that's not true.

In a response to the lawsuit filed yesterday afternoon, SMU goes through Davis' allegations point-by-point, denying that anything improper occurred. Yes, Halperin did meet with female students alone in his office, but no, he didn't have sex with them. Yes, Davis did make numerous allegations against Halperin and call him a "predator," but no, there was zero evidence to support her claims. And, yes, a dean did once refer to Halperin as a "pied piper," but no, he didn't mean that he was leading children to slaughter.

"SMU admits that there is a fairy tale involving a pied piper but is without sufficient information or knowledge as to the content of the tale and, therefore, denies the remaining allegations," the school writes in a court filing.

The details out of the way, SMU gets to the heart of Davis' legal claim: that she was illegally fired for blowing the whistle.

Not true, the school says. "[A]ll decisions made with respect to [Davis']
employment were made for legitimate, non-retaliatory reasons." They would have fired her whether or not she filed complaints about Halperin. They don't say why, but they indicate that they had plenty of cause.

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This makes ONE.  ONE fat, lying cunt shot down.   So many more lying fat cunts get away with this shit.

My father always said:  "Cunts are cunts."


Well played Observer, well played, you begin the week with Christain columnist Linda Harvey to introduce the Sexual Anarchy Agenda.  Then all week, it's one sex fueled article after another (kudos for using a clean energy by the way).   We start getting into the debate on the city councils resolution regarding equality and gay marriage, you even get Schutze to play along in his article today with some very disturbing imagery.  Then as the work week draws to close, boom, you hit us with this riveting story of alleged sex fiends.  Congrats.


@Steve Wow, your dad was a hell of a fella. It's one thing to blurt out, in the heat of a tense traffic incident*, "Eat shit, fuck head," or some such, in the presence of your precious young'un. Quite another to teach your son to hate women.


* e.g. The person is going slightly too slow, or slightly too fast, or slowed down to make a turn, and dammit, there just aren't enough hours in the day and you don't want to cook dinner or pay for a meal out, and the kid's school project, and Time Warner urged you to get automatic draft and God damn if they didn't double-charge you a SECOND time, and you may as well just kiss that dream about living with Penelope Cruz in a villa in Mallorca goodbye, and oh shit, the dry cleaning, forgot, fuck.


@Steve Seems like you have some unresolved issues there buddy.  I'm still waiting for you to share your picture.


@bealotcoolerifyoudid They missed the story on  Darius Hunter, son of MLB player Torii Hunter, suing the girls and their families who accused him and others of sexual assault after the grand jury declined to indict. 

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