Ralph Isenberg is on a Wild Crusade Against Domingo Garcia over May 5 Immigration March

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Mark Graham
Isenberg, a long long time ago.
Ralph Isenberg and Domingo Garcia haven't always been enemies. Back in 2010, in fact, they were all set to dine together at a fundraiser with President Obama, until Isenberg was unceremoniously disinvited by the White House.

Their relationship has since gone south, reaching its nadir this month with Garcia's Cinco de Mayo immigration march.

Isenberg dubbed the event as the "Mega Dollar March." Yahoo News ran a piece headlined "Money, Politics Overshadow Dallas Immigration March Plans"

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It is Garcia's participation that is causing concern for Isenberg, who says the defense attorney is opening offices across the state to handle cases that immigration reform would create. The flood of immigrants needing representation to file paperwork could lead to a windfall for Garcia's law firm. "There will be plenty of work for everybody," [LULAC president Hector] Flores said, who estimates a $100 million industry will be created just to handle legal paperwork. "We're going to need nonprofits, charities, and other groups to handle the flood of applications."

Isenberg has called for organizers of the event to pledge not to profit personally or financially from immigration reform. His organization, the Isenberg Center for Immigration Empowerment (ICIE), assisted 563 families last year, many of whom had been torn apart by what Isenberg described as aggressive enforcement by Dallas Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Isenberg said he did not pocket any money for his work and used $400,000 of his own money to fund the center.

Since the march, Isenberg has gone on a Facebook tirade against Garcia, who Isenberg accuses of trying to get ICIE shut down and threatening his family.

"Garcia continues to state my wife employs 'Chinese Slave Labor' at Yaya Foot Spa," he writes in one post. "That is just wrong. The people that work for my wife have status and are mostly asylum seekers that my wife assists while they go through the process. Garcia threatened other actions against my family if I did not back off my anti-profit position on immigration."

Isenberg doesn't provide any particular evidence in support these claims, which seem somewhat far-fetched, but at least we know that former FBI agent and occasional Dallas County corruption investigator Danny Defenbaugh believes him.

"I just love your intestinal fortitude concerning Garcia," he wrote on Facebook in response to Isenberg's tirade. "Keep up the good work, I am sure you are under this prick's skin right now."

We should note here that the Garcia-Isenberg spat is entirely one-sided. Garcia has not publicly responded to Isenberg's claims and declined on Friday to comment. We should also note that Victor Medina, who penned the Yahoo piece, authors a blog called "When Liberals Attack". Finally, we should also note that Isenberg once threatened to sodomize an Observer reporter, just because that story never gets old.

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Garcia is slime.  Garcia is not saying anything because he has political ambitions and doesn't want people to know how much money he will be making off of immigrants.  He is using immigration to further those political ambitions and to rip off people who can't afford it.


Both of these guys have done a lot to improve the status and well-being of immigrants, which is good, but both of them carry a load of personal baggage, which is bad.  What happens when you follow the money here?  You see that it flows FROM Isenberg TO those who need help.  In Garcia's case, it flows in the opposite direction.  That speaks louder than anything else.


Read the article - if they legalize the illegals , there will be a ton of money to be made.

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