Police: Travis Lekas, Irving High Schooler, Drugged Classmate, Forced Her Into Prostitution

Police don't make a habit of blasting out the names and faces of 17-year-old crime suspects, but the Irving Police Department made an exception for Travis Lekas. The Nimitz High School student was arrested Monday on charges that he drugged a fellow student and forced her into prostitution.

According to police documents, the scene went down like this: Lekas took a 15-year-old classmate to his Irving trailer on April 29 and plied her with booze, weed, and Xanax. He kept her high and confined to the the house for three days, inviting men to have sex with her in exchange for cash and drugs. He also allegedly tried to pimp out other girls from Nimitz, as well as Bowie Middle School.

News stations scrambled to glean what additional details they could on Lekas after Irving police announced the arrest Tuesday afternoon.

"Apparently, Lekas wasn't too popular at his high school," Fox 4 announced after talking to two of his classmates. Lekas starts fights, one said. "He always had girls behind him, like two girls right beside him," another said. "He would always walk around like that."

Lekas' grandmother for one isn't buying it. She told WFAA the 15-year-old is lying about the rape and that she was always visiting their trailer, pestering Lekas.

Police think otherwise. They say that subsequent interviews and investigation supported the girl's story. Lekas is in jail on a $175,000 bond.

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This young man has a bright future ahead of him.


"Lekas took a 15-year-old classmate to his Irving trailer..."   HIS trailer, like he lives alone there?  Or is it meth-parent's / meth-grandparent's trailer?  Please clarify.


Any news blurb that starts out, "Lekas took a 15-year-old classmate to his Irving trailer" is not going to have a heartwarming ending.

Montemalone topcommenter

Aah, high school.

Fun times.

Fun times.

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