Police Say Steven Gordon Paid to Have His Wife Killed. He Says He Just Wanted Her Deported.

Steven Gordon, left, and Robert Bass
There are any number of ways to get out of an unhappy marriage. Divorce is the obvious option, but there are others. If your wife happens to be, say, Malaysian, you can frame her for a crime and get her deported. Hiring a hit man is also an option, although who wants to do all that planning in the middle of the NBA playoffs?

Steve Gordon, apparently. Gordon, 49, was booked into the Collin County Jail this week, along with Robert Bass, the man Allen police say Gordon wanted to pay to off his wife.

But Gordon tells a different story in jailhouse interviews with CBS 11 and NBC 5.

"I just simply asked on Craigslist, 'How do you revoke a green card?' It was out of depression, and the next morning I deleted it," Gordon told CBS's J.D. Miles.

By that point, however, Bass had already seen the ad and responded. According to Bass, they hatched a plan to plant drugs in the car of Gordon's Malaysia-born wife and contrive to have her pulled over. When cops found the drugs and she was prosecuted, her green card would be revoked.

Gordon, according to Bass, began giving him large sums of cash. "He reached over and dropped $3,000 on my floorboard and say, 'Get it done,'" he told NBC. Never was murder discussed.

Allen police insist otherwise. In court documents, they say they have text messages between the men in which they refer to the payment of "25grand" to "take her out." Murder in other words, the cops say.

In his interview with CBS, Gordon attempts to add another wrinkle to the story. Bass had threatened to kill him, he says, which is why he gave him $10,000 and why it might appear to some that there was a murder plot.

"The only thing I'm happy for is that my wife and children are safe, even if I never see them again," he said.

Both Gordon and Bass are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and are being held on $500,000 bonds. Gordon underwent a psychiatric evaluation on Thursday afternoon.

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OH  Mail order Brides  are OK  but Same Sex  is not   HOW HYPOCRITICAL

Tim Smathers
Tim Smathers

You can find hit men on Craig's List? Hhmmm...


how on earth did they get caught? is the gov't reading text messages and emails and stuff now?


"How are criminals so good at crime and we're so bad at it?"


"...they have text messages between the men in which they refer to the payment of '25grand' to 'take her out.'"

Outside of strained attempts to warm our hearts with tales of a child who rescued a kitten or some such, this is what will have to pass for uplift these days: Many sociopaths are, in fact, too stupid to get away with it.  


This sounds like Bevis and Butthead Do America - "I want you to do my wife."

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


The smart ones all work on Wall St.

. . . or Capitol Hill.

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