Otherwise Brilliant Doggy-Door Gun Heist Ends in Federal Gun, Conspiracy Charges

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From left: Bradshaw, Crosslin, Rodriguez, Arce and Sanchez.
Schramms Ammo & Weapons plies its trade out of a Sunnyvale storefront, but the official headquarters listed on state incorporation papers is owner Jeffrey Schramm's home on Park Chase Circle in Mesquite. It probably goes without saying that Schramm takes his work home with him and keeps a small arsenal of guns in his house.

Nearly a dozen of those guns -- four pistols (one with a silencer), one rifle and five machine guns -- went missing on the afternoon of February 19. Five people, all in their late teens and early 20s, were eventually arrested and charged in Dallas County for burglary or weapons theft. All those cases remain open.

Their legal problems got a bit worse on Tuesday when they and four alleged accomplices were hit with federal weapons charges.

Yesterday's federal indictment mainly just lists the charges and identifies the relatively youthful conspirators as Dalton Bradshaw, 18; Raven Crosslin, 19; David Arce, 19; Leslie Sanchez, 20; Laura Rodriguez, 18; Lee Jones, 22; Kenneth Pagan, 21; Alex Prado, 25; and Ivan Rojas, 26. It provides precious little detail about their alleged crime.

Luckily, documents from the Mesquite Police Department are a bit more enlightening. Schramm, it seems, has a German shepherd and another large dog at his home that use a doggy door to travel between his kitchen and backyard. According to a report, Crosslin and Bradshaw used the opening to enter Schramm's house and steal his guns while Arce, Sanchez and Rodriguez waited in the car. (The other four came into the picture later and are charged with possessing stolen guns).

They were lucky. Schramm's alarm wasn't set, and his dogs seem to have been elsewhere. But luck or skill, the burglary was a success. They snatched a carload of guns and got away clean.

Their luck ran out three days later when Crosslin sold one of the pistols for $130 to an acquaintance who works security at Town East Mall. The security guard turned the gun over to police and told officers that Crosslin had stolen it. He had said as much when they were discussing the sale: he and another man had crawled through a doggy door and taken "a lot of Mac-11's and 9-mms."

The rest have already bonded out, but Crosslin and Bradshaw remain in Dallas County jail, where they have had ample opportunity to mull the awe-inspiring stupidity of crawling through the doggy door of a Texas gun dealer. Jail, come to think of it, is a pretty good outcome.

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Also, it's crazy to me that you people turn this into the VICTIM'S fault. Regardless of whether he "locked them up" or what guns they said were stolen doesn't matter. The fact is that these kids are stupid and should not have broken into his house


I will tell you exactly what the problem is.. Kids are bored and have nothing else better to do with their time so they decide to take things from some innocent people. AND this girl here is still on facebook talking crap about the people who are honestly just concerned with our hometown. Her mother obviously isn't trying to do anything to better the situation. All these mothers need to make these damn kids get a job, or better yet don't even bond them out.. They need to realize!! I went to high school with these people and I am so glad that I turned out better than this


Best part is with a federal crime mandatory time and no parole plus federal prisons always have room for one more. These chumps obviously missed the scene in the Departed when Jack Nicholson explains why only a moron has anything to do with a real machine gun when doing crime in the US.


Something about this smells like very dead fish . 

So Hypothetically allegedly or in the very pretend world of my own making  unrelated to anyone living or dead,   I would be  wondering how soon it will be before someone flips talks and  takes a State / Federal deal to  points an accusing finger at the real mastermind behind this crime ?

I will venture this ...The guy who got ripped off needs to be more tight lipped about where he keeps his stuff .

And as for the Machine Gun Question ? They are Legal and Available to the General public sort of ....For a large License Fee and some considerable hoops from the Federal Government .


If you're going to own guns, keep them locked up, those things are deadly and can be used in the commission of illegal acts.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

I foresee Raven gettin his ass beat by his 8 buddies.


Did they really get "five machine guns"?  Those would be worth at least $5,000 each, and probably closer to $20,000 each.  Can't imagine anyone just leaving them around in the house, particularly a licensed dealer (it takes a special license to sell and buy machine guns).  Moron.  

Or did you or your original source decided to add a little interest to the story by overstating the types of guns taken.  If so, stop it.  That kind of thing (which happens often) makes liberals and the media look intentionally dumb on guns, and that in turn makes it harder to pass reasonable regulations because the people pushing for them have already showed themselves to be ignorant on the topic.   

I'm not saying you or your source did that in this case.  I tried finding another story about this, but was unable to find one.  

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

fuck doggy doors, first of all, my fucking dogs refuse to use one and secondly, its the easiest way to break into your house.  Eat shit doggy doors


Doggy doors, like gun shows, allow easy access to weapons.  We must ban them.

Now, before you comment, please note that I'm ribbing both pro-gun and anti-gun people.


@barnes.ann I'm sure he thought they were safe in his own house. They are deadly and that is probably the reason he had them out in his OWN house.


@Guesty Hey, "intelligent one", a MAC-11 IS a sub-machine gun unless it was altered to make it semi only. ALL original M-10 and M-11's, manufactured by Mitch Werbell and associates, were fully automatic and designed to replace the Colt .45 semi-auto pistol as the sidearms of American military forces.

By the way, I am a liberal, and apparently I know a lot more about these weapons that you do!


@ScottsMerkin    Well it took some guts to crawl through a doggie door big enough for an adult. Usually means a good size dog.   Any one remember the rottie in 'Ferris Bueller'?   

primi_timpano topcommenter

Cat doors worked for me. Cat finally figured it out after a few training sessions. A neighborhood cat did quite well without the training.


@scottie1620 @Guesty The moron comment was directed to the home owner.  If they were actually MAC-11s, they were each worth at least $5,000.  And the owner likely loses his license.  Like I said, moron.

But I think it is worth noting the possibility that there were no actual MAC-11s.  Like I wrote in my comment, I couldn't find a source and one isn't credited here.  Journalists are notorious for getting facts like these wrong (not just on guns, but in every way they can "spice" up a story).   

I made it clear that I wasn't accusing the author of getting it wrong, but also was noting that either he did or something was very wrong with that dealer.  

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@NewsDog @ScottsMerkin 


That scene with Rooney sneaking into the house via the doggy door popped immediately into my head upon reading this item.

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