Mavs Fans Really Outdid Themselves with Their Uniform Designs

In the 72 hours since he announced that he was crowd-sourcing designs for the Mavericks' new uniforms, Mark Cuban has been swamped with quality submissions.

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Mark Cuban Wants You to Design the Mavericks' New Uniforms. For Free.

Take this suggestion posted to Cuban's blog:

Uniforms should not be uniform. Tall players graphics (im not even talking about the team logo) should be made for them to look shorter, thus fooling the opponent. Shorter players should be made to look taller. Skewed lines, vertical, horizontal lines should be employed. Polka dots of various mystical diameters and shades should be used.

Some digital enhancements can be made. As the game plays on, phosphorescent colors in the logos and the graphics and lines should shine brighter, creating the illusion of power progression in the physiology of the players, i.e. im not getting tired, im getting stronger ... yet there should be a subtlety and harmony in the finished product. Not too loud, but implicitly powerful.

What you are asking for is nothing short of biological/phenotype visual war tools. Its actually really fascinating to think about the possibilities.

As fantastic as that idea is, though, it's only hints at the epic creative force that is Mavs nation. We sifted through their ideas and now bring you the best of the best. No way that Dirk isn't wearing at least one of these come 2015.




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Those socks (& knee pads) are plaid, not argyle.


1.  I would personally love to see a hipster mavs uniform.

2. We all know that the official playoffs uniform for the mavs will still be a suit and tie, right?

3. That's all I got, but felt inclined to include a #3.

I would have incorporated the now-forgotten, but once-ubiquitous hollow red circle.   In the years following 11/22, the alleged sniper's lair was tagged with a red circle for gawking tourists who couldn't count to six.  Later, in one of the original acts of civil disobedience, red circles began cropping up all over town including, most famously, on one stripper's ass.  It's time, since so much time has passed, to bring our most famous event down to the toy department


this is what happens when you crowd source... the ppl with real talent wait to get paying jobs


The uniform designs are actually better than Cuban's team design! What he put on the court last year was similar to what the Houston Astros are putting on the field this year! His team design is much like the Dallas Cowboy Coaching design where Jerry hires a few yes men to help him coach the team and draft.

Only the Rangers stand out as quality locally right now!

Ms. Moxie
Ms. Moxie

I vote for the Mavdirks. But the argyle socks should be mandatory, not optional.

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