Judge Orders Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent to Wear Second Alcohol Monitor After the First Detected Booze

Josh Brent has managed to stay mostly out of the headlines since the blitz of media coverage that followed his indictment on intoxication manslaughter charges in the December 8 death of Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown.

That changed today.

Brent was back in court this morning after prosecutors said he'd violated the terms of his probation by either consuming or being around alcohol. They hoped to have Brent's $100,000 bond revoked and have him sent back to jail.

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Their evidence came from the alcohol monitor Brent is forced to wear around his ankle as a condition of his release. It detected the presence of alcohol on several occasions. Plus, Brent failed to show up for a meeting with his supervision officer, rescheduled and then failed to show up again.

The problem for the Dallas County District Attorney's office was that they couldn't prove Brent had drank alcohol, just that he'd been around it. According to Fox 4's Melissa Cutler, his attorney argued that the monitor is sensitive enough to pick up hand sanitizer and mouthwash.

And, according to The Dallas Morning News' Selwyn Crawford, the supervisor of Dallas County's alcohol monitoring program testified that he didn't believe Brent had taken a drink.

In the end, the judge ordered Brown to wear a second alcohol monitor, according to WFAA's Rebecca Lopez. There's a difference, though: This one takes his picture.

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Nice of Cedric the Entertainer to show up!


Just saying, if it was me, and I was a multi-millionaire and my freedom depended on the little red light not going off, I would find a non-alcohol based mouthwash and use Lava for my hands. I also would show up to court with a jacket, tie and tuck my shirt in my pants. Of course, if he had any sense, he would not be in his current situation. It makes you wonder if he is bright enough to even remember the called play when he is in the game.


Whoever is the general manager of this team need to manage them a bit better...


Is that David Wells in front of him? 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

the monitor dont lie, but yes in fact if he used mouth wash of any hand sanitizer it would register


Keep it classy Cowboys..........

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