Here's PGA's Rickie Fowler Golfing from atop a Victory Park Parking Garage

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Between the end of this past weekend's Byron Nelson and the start this week of the Colonial in Fort Worth, the professional golf world had a bit of time to kill in Dallas. And what better way to do that than designing a Texas-shaped green, putting it in the plaza in front of the American Airlines Center, and having PGA's resident cool kid Rickie Fowler hit shots at it from a parking garage?

The parking garage actually belongs to the apartments across the street from the AAC. Fowler was able to float the ball successfully over WFAA's Victory Park studio and onto the novelty green on three of 10 tries. The PGA's official video is after the jump.

The event was, of course, basically a marketing gimmick dreamed up by the PGA and Red Bull, but it also hints at an option for the redevelopment of Victory Park: turn it into a gigantic mini-golf course. People love mini-golf.

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That kind of mini-golf or "destination" golf would be a great way to make golf more accessible and draw in a new crowd!  No need for fancy golf package sets, just a couple of high rise buildings and one hell of a driver!  Go for it! That's what we say!


Too bad he didn't drive the ball through the window of Perot, Jr.'s condo.


@ScottsMerkin I'm not very good at golf and I lose interest anyways after 9 holes. I'm hoping our idiocracy turns into something like this in the next 20 years. Destination golf holes. Imagine, you're driving by and you see a sign, "hi rise par 3". Hey, I've got 30 minutes, why not? 

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