Gov. Rick Perry: Standing Against Gays in Boy Scouts Akin to Sam Houston's Refusal to Align with the Confederacy

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The Boy Scouts of America is proposing to lift its ban on gay youths, but to leave it in place once those gay Scouts become gay adults. This compromise -- gays Scouts, no gay scoutmasters -- apparently is an assault on the very foundations of scoutdom.

The Family Research Council sponsors a hyperventilating webcast, "Stand With Scouts Sunday." This Sunday, a few smooth-faced, pubescent Scouts fretted about getting humped in the pup tent, and Governor Rick Perry opined that keeping scouting straight was an act of moral conscientiousness not unlike Governor Sam Houston's opposition to the Confederacy.

Said one bespectacled, khaki-and-bandana-wearing youth who may one day pray this video vanishes into the depths of the Internet: "In a camp out, you're in a tent and it's closed off to the outside world. If me at 12 [years old] and having my buddy come onto me ... I wouldn't know what to do at that age."

Said a younger, somewhat dead-eyed boy who appeared to be reading off of a script: "In the Boy Scouts, we have a program called the buddy system, where one Scout always has to be with another Scout for health and safety reasons. Allowing homosexuals into the Boy Scouts would bring problems on deciding who would be allowed with who."

I wonder where they learn this stuff. Oh, here's where: An ostensible adult and scoutmaster with a flat-top buzz cut worried that the rule change would amount to "fostering homosexuality" by encouraging boys who are "open and flaunting it."

And, without further ado, at around the 35-minute mark of the video, said the governor of an entire state: "For pop culture to try to come in and tear that up, and it just happens to be the flavor of the month, so to speak, and tear apart one of the great organizations that served millions of men, to help them become great men and great fathers. that isn't appropriate ... I hope the American people stand up and say, 'Not on my watch.'

Noted. Pop culture is now a byword for sexual orientation.

The governor gestured over his shoulder at an image of Sam Houston, the Texas governor who was drummed out of office for refusing to align with the Confederacy. "It cost him his governorship. That's the type of principled leadership and courage we need ... If we change and become more like pop culture, young men will be not as well served."

Yep, it's just like that.

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segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!!!!!


If anyone's looking for a scouting association that's secular and much more progressive than the Boy Scouts check out Baden-Powell Service Association.  There's some people who are unhappy with the Boy Scout's policies who are working on establishing a troop in Dallas and I am working with an interested group to establish a troop in Arlington and Fort Worth. We're coed and emphasize the outdoors and service.  We also offer scouting opportunities for adults and have had a lot of disaffected former Boy and Girl Scouts join troops in other parts of the country.


Hargrove, what a load of bullcrap; I’m not your psychiatrist, but to me, it sounds like you need a few sessions so I hope you will get therapy somewhere.


Wow.....just wow.  The stupid just continues with OOPS.  SMH


Okay, kid, here's what you do in the unlikely event a gay kid "comes on to you."

You say "No, I'm not interested," or words to that effect. Amazingly, as a straight person, you will sometimes have to say something along these lines to members of the opposite sex, too. It's really not that complicated.


Next up, rooting out the infiltration of warlocks converting our boys into witchcraft.


When you rank 49th in education for as long as Texas has, this is what you get.

mavdog topcommenter

standing in front of a portrait of George Wallace would be more appropriate.


Wasn't Perry the one touting the possibility of secession not even a couple years ago? The man has some serious ADHD.


Rick Perry standing up against gays in the boy scouts in 2013 is just like Sam Houston standing up against slavery in the 1850s.  Yep, exactly the same.

Profiles in courage right there, folks.

CogitoErgoSum topcommenter

Rick Perry is a tool bag with a toupee.


In my attempt to find something positive in this, I did find out that being gay is the "flavor of the month".  I hope there is some money attached to that honor. 

In the interim, I have to get back to my homosexual fostering.  As a note to other gays out there, I am going to be working the NW Dallas area.  So please stay off my turf.  Is Bobby Jeffress still working Downtown?


The argument that all gay men (or boys) are sexually-charged maniacs, hell-bent on preying upon and "converting" other men or boys is as outdated as the policy. But this is coming from the same groups that say rape victims can terminate their own pregnancies and all Muslims are terrorists.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Why is it that the loudest gay-bashers are the ones who go home and flounce about the house in dresses and heels and pretty underthings, all a-giggle? 

primi_timpano topcommenter


ADHD?  Would not be surprised.  Knowing how to make an historical analogy without making himself the the butt of stupidity jokes? Absolute fact.   Exemplifies all the qualities and elements of assholery?  Completely. 

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

And the same ones who end up in the ER with something up their ass and couldn't get it out.

Google potatoes and jam.

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