A Surveillance Camera Caught a Train Fatally Plowing into a Pickup in Irving

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A gas station surveillance camera captured a Trinity Railway Express train slamming into a pickup in Irving on Thursday and killing the 79-year-old driver.

The crash happened just after 1 p.m. at the intersection of Rock Island Road and Irby Lane. "Early accounts are that driver was trying to beat the train," DART spokesman Mark Ball initially told the Morning News.

But as the camera footage shows, it wasn't quite that straightforward. Seconds before the crash, a white pickup on approaches the rail crossing on Irby as the four cross arms are going down. It got a bit too close, bumping one of the arms and triggering two of the arms to go up.

Fox 4
DART spokesmen told Fox 4 that this was by design, a safety mechanism designed to allow drivers to escape if caught in the path of an oncoming train.

This happened to coincide with the arrival of the 79-year-old and his pickup, which were traveling along Rock Island Road, parallel to and in the same direction as the TRE train. From the video, it seems that the driver didn't see the train approaching over his shoulder and turned into its path.

The crash interrupted TRE service for a couple of hours. No one on the train was injured.

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.

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Quit pitying the old man.  The accident had nothing to do with his age.  The safety procedures taken by DART were about as stupid as what one would find down in Houston.     


At least we have surveillance cameras to record the crimes and accidents that are preventable if only somebody was watching. 

 It's all part of a larger racket, something eternal and complex that can only be fathomed at the risk of one's sanity. 

So stop reading now.   

 For those still reading, here's something to ponder. Filmmakers can use special effects to make dinosaurs appear on a movie screen. Everyone knows the T-Rex is extinct, but it can be digitally recreated in popular movies to look real.

The same technology can be used by media agencies to manipulate news cycles. There are massive implications here.








ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

That is some fairly worthless surveillance video.  What kind of descriptions do they expect to get ... a red fuzzy blob with unidentifiable license plates drove by and stopped at the pump at the same time that gas was dispensed and not paid for?

The story does not say of there is a warning light that faces the east and westbound traffic on Rock Island to indicate that a train is coming or if the required UMTCD sign is present showing that there is a RR track immediately after the turn from Rock Island onto Irby Lane.

That being said, my heart goes out to both the pickup truck driver and the train engineer.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

That poor old soul.  Please be extra careful at these crossings.



"I guess if you aren't looking for it, you aren't looking for it."

Looks like the reporter must have climbed Mount Everest to get that opinion.  

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