American Airlines Grounds All Flights, Will Offer Refunds as Soon as the Computers Work

American Airlines broke the news a while ago that it's in the midst of a massive, system-wide computer failure. Perhaps it was a glitch? Hiccups from the U.S. Airways merger? Hackers? Former CEO Tom Horton landing on the servers after having his golden parachute snipped?

It's too early to tell why, but the computer problems have caused the airline to ground all flights to be grounded until 4 p.m. (Update at 3:12 p.m.: Make that 7 p.m.) AA has promised refunds to impacted travelers once the computers are back up, but the delay has left thousands of travelers stranded at airports across the country with little to do but tweet impotently.

AA's announcement sparked surprisingly little outrage, at least on Twitter. Snark's probably a better description for it.

This guy is clearly an AA-programmed tweetbot.

And these people made terrible jokes:

Too soon? Yes. Always.

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At least they have a new logo and man those new paint jobs on the planes are the shit.

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